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Three Popular Teaching Certificates


National Board Teaching Certification is recognized as the prized distinction awarded to those teachers comprising an extraordinary group of educators. Pennsylvania Teaching Certificates are among those as authentic as the assessments applied in other professions. 

Each state recognizes this commitment toward elevating the teaching process to another level. Even the begrudging unions slow to acknowledge any differences in teacher pay recognize the importance of improving student outcomes.

Further, Pennsylvania Teaching Certificates expand beyond education theories by enabling educators the ability to perceive what learners with differing abilities need. In a profound way, teaching certification is a way to share equally in the solution to improving the education process on either side of the report card.

Three Popular Teaching Certificates

At Robert Morris University, or RMU, Pennsylvania Teaching Certificates provide the process through which deserving educators obtain a license to teach in their chosen area. Following along as part of this process is the accredited student teaching coursework in pedagogical methods, completed degrees and passing state tests, such as the PRAXIS exams that assesses mastery of the subject matter and methods. The following are three of today's popular teaching certificates:

1. Autism Spectrum Disorders Endorsement Program

Granted by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), RMU's endorsement in Autism represents the successful completion of the graduate course sequence consisting of 12 credits. This is an endorsement that is offered on campus in a traditional scheme. Educators achieving the Autism Endorsement are prepared to teach those learners in the public education system levels K-12 diagnosed as experiencing pervasive developmental disorders identified as autism spectrum disorders.

2. Reading Specialist Certification

Educators can distinguish themselves as certified Reading Specialists by completing the practicum and PRAXIS Reading exam. Putting that coursework to real use with English Language Learners (ELL) or students of special needs comes under the direct supervision of RMU instructors. Completing the practicum provides an opportunity to design suitable literacy programs through testing and diagnosis for individuals or groups of students within the public education schooling levels K-12.

3. Instructional Technology Specialist Certification (ITSC

Technology touches every aspect of our lives today. RMU's preparation program designed to address the need for certified Instructional Technology Specialists within the public education system of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is fit for all levels of K-12 schooling. 

Applicants for the ITSC may begin working on their initial teaching certificate under the advise and through permission of RMU instructors and should already possess valid Pennsylvania Instructional I or II Teaching Certification. Otherwise, further course requirements may be completed. Educators fulfilling all requirements are able to implement comprehensive instructional technology, planning, integration and establish partnerships, all geared toward technological priorities.

Learners possess that amazing facility for change and growth while educators facilitating their needs are empowered with the capacity to change lives in far-reaching ways. Pennsylvania Teaching Certificates sourced through RMU is an amazing way to make that happen.