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Many people earn an undergraduate or graduate business degree to gain management, accounting, financial, and human resources experience. It’s not uncommon for students with newly minted degrees to find positions at accounting firms, retail locations, and financial institutions. After all, that’s where a business degree takes you, right?

Actually, a business degree can take you anywhere. Some students decide to use their business degree for careers that many be less familiar than a bank manager, but are just as rewarding. Here’s how some business majors ended up turning their business degree into a passion: 

Creative Types:

  • Public Relations. The “creative” fields include art, theater, and advertising. You may be surprised, however, to hear how many students in these fields also have a business degree. “I think that having an undergraduate business degree provides me with a lot of options in the creative field,” says BethAnn, a publicist for a contemporary theater in Chicago. She has always loved acting but decided to also earn a B.S. in operations management. “I find that knowing how the theater works—from the box office to the backstage—helps me to understand both our budget and our directors’ vision. I feel very confident when I speak to the press about the theater’s financial operations,” she explains.

Finance and Management:

  • Casino Gaming Manager. In recent years, more and more casinos have received licenses to operate in states that have turned to gambling proceeds to fund property tax relief measures and local economic development. The role of a casino gaming manager is complex, since he or she must properly maintain the gaming procedures and operations. “I love being a gaming manager. There’s so much energy out on the casino floor every night,” said Jeffrey, who has been working at a casino for 20 years.  “I oversee training, make sure everyone is enjoying their casino experience, and monitor security. My business degree took me from a dealer to management. ” 
  • Non-Profit Fundraiser. “I never really saw myself taking a non-profit job,” says Jake, a recent business school graduate. “I’d always imagined myself on Wall Street. But, I had an internship in my senior year that really opened my eyes to the non-profit sector, and I realized that these organizations need someone with a solid business background to help raise funds. I found out that I was really good at raising money for great causes, and it’s my career now. Having fundraising experience, plus a business background, means that you’ll always have a job. Now, I’m looking into a graduate degree in non-profit management because one day, I’d like to be the CEO of an organization,” he says. 

Traveling and Culture

  • International Tour Guide. Students with international business degrees often visit or work in foreign countries during their college years, and some end up returning to their favorite countries—but instead of working in a London brokerage firm, they instead want to share their love of culture with others. “I went to Italy several times in college and graduate school, and those trips ended up changing my life,” says Janele, who earned her MBA in International Business. “I returned to school so that I could get a degree that would allow me to travel to and work in Europe for years. I know the political structure, customs, and languages of several European nations, and it eventually led to a job as a tour guide,” she says. “There is nothing like standing in front of the Coliseum in Rome and answering tourists’ questions!”   


  • Bed and Breakfast Owner. Will and Tessa started a “fun project” shortly after they got married—renovating a large home near the Great Smoky Mountains. Using his expertise in real estate and accounting, and her background in marketing and hotel management, they decided to turn their home into a bed and breakfast hotel that overlooked a lake with the mountains in the background. “People come here to relax, to enjoy nature, and to get a great meal,” says Tessa. “But creating a bed and breakfast from scratch took a lot of work. This was not something we’d ever done before, but with each of our business degrees in specialized areas, we were able to make it work, and we’ve very successful today,” adds Will. 

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