How Managerial Styles Affect Work Performance: Robert Morris University How Managerial Styles Affect Work Performance | Robert Morris University


How you manage employees is an important component of your managerial style. Establishing your particular style is often developed from your own experience and also from learning what other managers have done in the past, and how that has affected employee performance. Your leadership manner determines:  

  • Employee retention. It can be very expensive to replace an employee—some studies cite up to 20 percent of an employee’s annual salary—once you add in the costs of recruiting and training a new employee. Managers with effective management and communication skills can often lead employees to make better decisions, embrace new ideas, and work more easily within a group or team. If your employees are inspired, they will develop a commitment to your organization—and that translates to job and company loyalty. 
  • Job Satisfaction. An employee who loves his job is productive, is less likely to want to find another job, and is happier in general. Job satisfaction is not only tied to a salary and benefits—it’s also about how employees feel they are being treated by management and if they have challenging projects that they feel they can successfully accomplish. 
  • Individual and Group Employee Performance. Motivating employees can be difficult because each person may be inspired by different ideas. Some employees prefer to be challenged daily, some want to work alone, some are interested in only a paycheck, and some do their best work when encouraged by fellow workers and their manager.  Since you can’t use different tactics for each employee if you’re in charge of a large department, you have to be able to choose the most effective style that will produce the best performance. 

MBA Programs Can Help You Discover Your Managerial Style
Both broad-based and specialized MBA programs involve coursework on strategic management, executive decision making, organizational behavior, and operations management. These courses will include theory that will introduce you to different models and concepts as they relate to business, and you will also examine case studies taken from various companies, which are invaluable learning tools.    

RMU MBA Programs

Robert Morris University offers general and specific MBA options. If your position focuses on a business’ workforce, consider an MBA with an emphasis in organizational management and human resources, or in operations management.

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