How an Active Alumni Association Can Advance Your Career Goals: Robert Morris University How an Active Alumni Association Can Advance Your Career Goals | Robert Morris University


When you graduate from college, you’re most likely concentrating on getting a good job. Maybe you’re preparing for a move or thinking of applying to graduate school. You’re busy, and you may not realize how important an alumni group is to your career. It’s an important part of your post-school experience, though—this is the kind of group that you want to be active in!

Jobs and Networking Opportunities for Graduates

A well-managed alumni group: 

  • Offers networking events. Many graduates consider networking events to be the most important part of an alumni association. If you’re looking for a job, try attending a few networking meetings, and be sure to bring a business card that you can exchange with others. Not only will you meet other alumni, those in your group who are already employed may know of job openings in their companies. While many people attend these events to reminisce, you’ll be able to talk to alumni about your experience and background.  
  • Has a strong local presence. An alumni group should have a frequent meetings and get-togethers at places like local restaurants and popular sporting venues. Many groups have several spokespeople who offer to be an “expert” for news media, too. This helps to create good press coverage for both the school and the alumni. 
  • Helps alumni connect in a new town. Did you move from your town to take advantage of a new job opportunity? Look for your local alumni association and attend events and meetings for both career and personal fulfillment. 
  • Connects you to other alumni. Whether your college is large or small, the community of former students is an important way to remain in touch with those from your graduating class and with those who have already been out in the work force for years—even decades. Having face-to-face alumni events or a virtual database with others’ information gives you the opportunity to connect with others and update your own information with new jobs and personal information that you’d like to share within the community. Paper and online alumni magazines also ensure that you’ll stay up-to-date on your classmates’ new opportunities and also campus improvements and new programs. 
  • Spearheads school improvements. Yes, your alumni association is going to ask you for money. And of course, you may be starting to pay off student loans or you are beginning a new job in a new area. Your association realizes that you have pressing matters to care of while starting your new career. Consider a donation when you feel you’re able to help your school. The alumni association of many schools fund scholarships, academic programs, and athletic teams.

All RMU graduates automatically become members of the RMU Alumni Association, a dynamic group of professionals who are employed by some of the most prestigious companies not only in the Pittsburgh area, but also in Philadelphia, Washington, Chicago, and other large cities. To learn more about the scholarships that are offered by the RMU Alumni Association, call or contact the Admissions Office today.