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Potty training is an experience that most parents dread, particularly when it comes to little boys. As a parent of two little boys,

RMU graduate Kaylee Wickline ‘11 has experience in this area. She decided to design a product that she could share with other parents and their sons-a product that better accommodates the anatomy of boys. The product Wickline designed is called Potty Wiz- “The Only Potty Chair Designed With Your Little Guy in Mind!” It is designed to make potty training a more enjoyable process.

Potty Wiz is said to be the first multi-functional potty chair designed to accommodate young boys. “Sitting or standing, aiming or not aiming, the Potty Wiz does its job of transitioning the child and encouraging autonomy and potty mastery”. Wickline’s main goal is to have this product on the market to help in potty training her younger son, Jace.

Wickline is crowdfunding with Kickstarter to secure the necessary startup funds to launch the first production run for her product. Kickstarter is a way to test a product on the market before investing large amounts of time, money, and energy. It is also a route for securing startup funds rather than meeting the stringent requirements banks have for loans.

“With Kickstarter, you have to meet your minimum funding goal,” said Wickline. “Ours is $60,000, which is the money needed for the injection mold for this product as well as the first run. If you don't meet this goal, you receive nothing. So we are really counting on our supporters, once we get the word out, to help us bring this amazing product to market. If we don't reach our goal this time, you better believe we'll be doing it again while implementing the valuable lessons we've learned from the first attempt.”

Nazari Dorosh, a 2010 RMU alum, is also part of the campaign.  Dorosh received his Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts and currently is working as a videographer for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pitt Panthers football team.

For more information on the Potty Wiz, please visit:

 “Nazari is the most fabulous videographer in Pittsburgh,” said Wickline. “I met him at RMU in Romo's Café at Robert Morris. I interviewed him and thought he was amazing.”