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(Photo by John Hudson Photography, Ellwood City, Pa.)

A graduate of Portersville Christian High School in Lawrence County, Cassidy Baker was a 4-H member for eight years and served one year as the President of the Pennsylvania 4-H State Council, where she represented and advocated on behalf of 205,000 members the program serves.

At RMU, Cassidy is studying nursing and one day wants to be a certified RN anesthetist at a children's hospital. She is a member of RMU's Nonprofit Leadership Association, Zeta Tau Alpha, the RMU Class of 2017 Lead Program, Student Nurses Association, and Campus Catholic Ministry.

Why did you choose RMU?
Giving back to the community, in whatever way possible, is what I strive to do. I represent, I advocate, and I demand change. Throughout my life, I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by great individuals who inspire me. I chose RMU because of what the school stands for. It is not just about academic work but also about changing the lives of others. RMU embraces service—service to others. I am a leader, but I am also of service to others. The university's dedication to academic excellence and commitment to the community were the reasons behind why I chose RMU to become my new home and family.

What does RMU's “changing lives” mission mean to you?
It means a tremendous amount to me. I love to see other people grow, and by that I mean as leaders, as creators, as makers, and as builders. I love to see people build upon their own foundations. To me personally, “changing lives” means that you aid others in building upon their selves; it means going out of your way to help another; it means pushing others to succeed; it is about furthering our community by encouraging our neighbors; it is all about putting words into action to make a difference; it is about changing a life towards a positive, healthy, and meaningful direction; it is about being that person that cares about others more than they care about themselves; it is about putting others forward even if that means you have to take a step back. By being there for others, I have changed my own life.

Do you plan on doing any work at RMU comparable to your 4-H work?
Once a 4-H’er, always a 4-H’er. During my 4-H career, I always maintained a busy schedule. I was an academic honors student, held multiple leadership positions, was an active equestrian, and was still able to work a part-time job. I am the type of person that over-commits. I am also the type of person that refuses to let others down. Once I commit to something, I stay strongly committed until the end.            

I love to lead. At RMU, you will see me staying active and seeking those leadership roles. The 4-H program is about modeling young individuals into leaders by teaching them life skills through “hands on” experiences. I plan to always give back to the 4-H program that so heavily influenced my life. I also plan to continue to mentor both peers and those that are younger throughout my time here at RMU. 4-H was not only about leadership, but also about volunteering and giving back to the community. From helping out at community affairs, to volunteering at food banks, I will continue to aid the community in whatever way possible. I plan to make the most out of my RMU experience as much as I made out of my 4-H career.

Written by Valentine J. Brkich

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