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Jamie-PinchotWhen Jamie Pinchot, D.Sc., is teaching class, she’s not just instructing; she’s speaking from experience.

Pinchot, assistant professor of computer and information systems, came to RMU in 2011 with some solid, hands-on experience. Previously she served as senior I.T. consultant (’08-’11) and Web application developer (’99-’04) for Bayer Business Services in Pittsburgh. She also taught computer science for four years at Thiel College (’04-’08).

“I love information technology because it is always changing,” she says. “There is always something new to learn and great opportunities to find new and innovative solutions to problems.”

Pinchot’s areas of expertise include Web development, social media, enterprise knowledge management, wikis, and mobile apps. One of her focus areas is usability, i.e., making websites, mobile apps, wikis, social media experiences, etc., that are intuitive and simple to use. “Technology should help to solve problems and make things easier,” she says. “I love helping to design a user experience that is both useful and simple enough to be used without instruction.”

This fall she will be teaching a brand new undergraduate course in mobile app development at RMU.

Pinchot was no stranger to Robert Morris when she came here in 2011. She earned her master’s in communications and information systems from RMU in 2002 and followed it up with a doctorate in 2009.

“Without a doubt, what I like best about RMU is the people,” she says. “The professors here care about student success. They know the names of their students and often keep in touch even after graduation. I’m proud to be counted within their ranks and happy to help continue that culture.”

As for information technology, Pinchot says it’s one of the most promising fields a student can consider. “I.T. workers are in high demand,” she says. “So if you enjoy problem-solving and analytical challenges, there is nothing more rewarding than working in this area. You can work in the same field for the duration of your career, but it will never get stale or boring because of the way technology continues to evolve.” ~

Written by Valentine J. Brkich

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