RMU’s Competitive Intelligence Graduates Guide Businesses through Maze of Information: Robert Morris University RMU’s Competitive Intelligence Graduates Guide Businesses through Maze of Information | Robert Morris University


As computer technology advances and produces more and more data bits and bytes, we’re starting to become overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information that’s available to view and use. Never before has so much “stuff” been so accessible to learn from, to read, to watch, to consider.

Robert Morris University recognizes that as information multiplies, there must be a way to arrange and manage it so that it can be effectively evaluated and then utilized to make decisions that will positively impact organizations, both right now and in the future. That field is called competitive intelligence.

Businesses use competitive intelligence to:

  • Gather and analyze pertinent information that will be used to make strategic decisions
  • Convert the gathered information into well-organized steps of action for a business  
  • Leverage this information to make their organization more competitive in today’s information-driven society

Leading Companies To Make Better Business Decisions
RMU offers the only bachelor’s degree in Competitive Intelligence Systems in the tri-state area. In this program, students learn to:

  • Research and analyze an industry’s or company’s background and its current products, features, finances, and market position
  • Sort through data mining systems to gather direct and supporting information on competitive business environments
  • Communicate new developments and their possible outcomes through assessment and analysis
  • Find innovative ways to identify new opportunities and to direct a business’ product or service strategies
  • Share their findings with management in a clear, concise manner

Courses With a Real-World Focus on Strategic Analysis
Many of the courses in this degree focus on information systems (operating systems, network security, web development) and evaluation and analysis (system analysis, project management, and competitive intelligence. Students also pick courses in an area of business that will further their understanding of competitive analysis in certain disciplines, such as management, marketing, or finance.

An Excellent Career Outlook
Our Competitive Intelligence Systems program graduates can work in a number of high-growth industries including communications, retail, aviation, management systems, pharmaceutical products, defense, and consulting. As the scope of information grows, so does the need to analyze and understand it. Contact RMU today to learn more about a bachelor’s degree in Competitive Intelligence Systems.