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Changing Lives

NAZARI_DOROSHQ: Has someone changed your life?
My dad has. When I was eight, he gave me a little video camera and I started using it for my own little movies that I would make with my friends. After that, I fell in love with the world of video and editing and the rest is history. 

Also, my siblings, all 10 of them, have changed my life. I’m the last one so whatever I saw them do, I would be like “I really like that.” If they were successful, I would follow in their footsteps. But I also learned from their mistakes. I learned a lot from them, both good and bad, so I got to pick and choose. 

Q: At RMU?
Mark Houser, university editor and professor who I’ve worked with at RMU as an events producer, taught me so much about writing and not just shooting “stuff.” He taught me that there’s always a story, how to ask questions, get people to open up, and once you get those answers, how to tell a story with the camera. 

Q: Have you changed someone else’s life?
I was a resident advisor for three years, so it was pretty inevitable that I would change someone’s life. 

In the beginning, I thought of myself as “stuck” with freshman, but by the end I didn’t see it like that anymore. It was more like “Wow, these kids have changed over the year.” It was great seeing how they’ve progressed. It’s good helping them grow. 

These kids will start out not talking to anyone. But after you invite them to do things, you see their shells start to crack. Then you’ll see them a week later getting out of their shell and doing stuff they never thought they’d do. 

RA’s will tell you that you’ll learn so much about yourself. I feel like I can communicate better, confront situations, and talk about my feelings.


Since departing from RMU, Nazari has become one of Pittsburgh's most talented sports videographers. When he's not on the Steelers sideline, you can find him in the Penquins locker room or the Pirates dugout getting up close shots of the players. You may have seen some of his highlights on NFL films and ROOT Sports. 

Although very skilled at composing a great shot of professional athletes, a large part of Nazari's time goes into his own video production company, Dorosh Documentaries, which he runs with his wife, Elisabeth. The dynamic duo specializes in filming weddings, but also has solutions for commercials, aerials, and other special events. In fact, he recently filmed a Colonial couple's wedding, as well as an aerial video of RMU's beautiful campus. Nazari believes in giving back to the university that gave him so much. As an alum he stays actively engaged in the RMU community by attending events, making donations, and bringing his skills back to campus. Check out what he has to say about being an alum.