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Josh Marino '04

Josh came to RMU from Georgia to play safety for the Colonials and study manufacturing engineering. He succeeded in both -- All-American I-AA Mid-Major and a dean's scholar -- and he also met a nice girl, Angela Story.

"I was hired to a full time job right after I graduated because of an internship I had done. I was fortunate, because I had just proposed to my wife and had no idea how I was going to pay for the ring."

What is Josh up to now?

Josh, now a manager at Tenova Core, and Angela look forward to bringing their three kids to Homecoming to see friends and reminisce about their time here. Including Josh's rough first week...

"My first night here it stormed, and the lower lobby of Gallatin flooded. All my stuff was soaked. I had to do eight loads of laundry on my second day."

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TaWanda Jackson ‘04

TaWanda majored in marketing and worked as a resident assistant and at the Center for Student Success.

"Even though I went to Carnegie Mellon for grad school, Robert Morris is my first love. I still wear my class ring."

What is TaWanda up to now?

TaWanda helps people with intellectual disabilities as a program representative for the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs. She enjoys attending alumni events and keeping in touch with her college friends.

"I recently texted my friend because I can't believe we've been out of school for ten years. We may not talk every day, but it's great picking up with RMU friends right where we left off."

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Darryn Cleary ‘89

After settling into Marshall Hall as a freshman, Darryn kept busy with Colonial Theatre, Alpha Chi Rho, and his communications degree. He also helped set up the Norbert K. Pietrzak Scholarship.

"I remember the president telling us he had never in his career seen students set up a scholarship in a professor’s name. We were especially pleased with that."

What is Darryn up to now?

Now senior vice president of sales at Canonsburg closed caption and subtitling company Vitac, Darryn enjoys coming back to campus with his family for Homecoming and hockey games, and he looks forward to his 25th reunion.

"It was a very tight-knit community when I was there. Everyone knew each other. Even though it’s grown from a college to a university, it still has that feeling. It’s wonderful to see RMU expand and still maintain that same great environment."

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Paul Fero '89

Paul was a busy guy, working as assistant editor at The Minuteman and president of the student government, while working as a drugstore stock clerk. Somewhere in there he found time to get a bachelor's in finance and economics.

"I did a lot at Robert Morris in the two years I was there. Though I was at Pittsburgh Center, we would come out occasionally to Moon for the socials and dance marathons."

What is Paul up to now?

That finance degree worked out for Paul, who's CEO of PAHealthCare Credit Union, which serves the staff of hospitals in Sewickley and Beaver.

He's looking forward to his 25th Class Reunion, where he can show off pics of his Bahamas cruise with his fiancée, Sandi Carangi.

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Karen Fuller-Douglass '89

Karen was already married and working at a full-time computer job when she enrolled at Robert Morris. A nature lover, she remembers admiring the panorama of fall foliage through the library picture windows.

"I went to both Downtown and Moon campus, though I did prefer the campus much better. You could prepare for class on a spot of grass."

What is Karen up to now?

Karen is a regular presence at events sponsored by her alma mater. So is Danny, her husband of 33 years.

As secretary of the Alumni Association Council, Karen's looking forward to a big turnout for her 25th Class Reunion.

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Vladimir St. Surin '04

Vladimir was recruited out of Brooklyn and played cornerback for the Colonials in 2000, when the team went 10-0 and won the Div. I-AA national title. He was also Homecoming King his senior year.

"I'm kind of glad we played at Moon H.S. If I had played at Walton Stadium, the stands are so close that I probably would have tried to talk to all the girls."

What is Vladimir up to now?

Now working on his doctorate at RMU, Vladimir is student life and athletics director at CCAC and half of a Colonial Couple with Eva, whom he met while they were both earning master's degrees here. Ask at Homecoming and they'll show you pictures of their little son, Darcy, and baby daughter, Kennedy.

"The thing I love most when I come back is I get to see all the people who helped me to get to where I am in life — friends, faculty, coaches — and I get to tell them thank you."

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Jessica Debo '04

Homecoming and Snowball dances, Fight Night, playing ping pong in the Nicholson rec room — Jessica has lots of happy memories, but the one that comes to mind first? Super Saturday.

"I miss sharing an apartment with three other girls I'm still close to, and being able to hang out with your friends all the time. I told them they all have to come back too."

What is Jessica up to now?

Being an IT specialist for Veolia in their water treatment business has occasional perks, like going to the Virgin Islands for a rum distillery client, or Aruba for a desalinization plant. Mostly she's at the company's Moon office and she drives by campus often.

Jessica often thinks about coming back to visit. With her 10th Class Reunion, she finally decided to make it happen.

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George Beidler '74

"We took our car driving in the snow at 3 a.m., in the field where Tailgate Alley is now, and got stuck. Then the security guards got stuck too."

After finishing military academy, George decided to never cut his hair again, and grow the biggest afro on campus instead.

What is George up to now?

George is looking forward to his 40th Class Reunion, and showing everyone how he can fit a hat comfortably on his head now.

Retired from his years as a transportation manager, George is an active volunteer and a regular grillmaster at RMU tailgate parties.

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Gary Claus '74

"I remember Robert Morris was a business school with no funny business. A lot of us were either working full time or raising a family, or both."

Despite working a job and going to Downtown classes, Gary still found time to play on the bowling team that won three WPIBL titles.

What is Gary up to now?

Gary's now chairman of the RMU Board of Trustees and is excited about his reunion at Homecoming:

"If we had tried to have a 40th Class Reunion in 1974, we probably would have had to hold it at a McDonald's. But now we have this beautiful facility, where if you somehow were transported here from 40 years ago, you would say this is clearly not Robert Morris!"