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While his classmates were reading about history, Staff Sgt. Jason Miller was making it. Now he's teaching it.

Jason was a junior at RMU when his reserve unit, the 25th Marine Regiment, 3rd Battalion, shipped to Iraq. So he asked his advisor – he calls her an "angel" – about keeping up his studies while serving his country.

"If I didn't have that woman, I’d still probably be a junior," Jason said.

So in between mortar battles and foot patrols in Al Anbar province, when Kilo Company had some quiet time, Jason hit the books and e-mailed his professors. He finished two psychology courses and a seminar overseas.

"My professors were very understanding," he said. "If I had something else going on they'd say, 'You know what, don't worry about this deadline.'"

Today Jason's doing what he always wanted. He's a history teacher, a track coach and a senior class sponsor.

Robert Morris University understands veterans. We're flexible, and we'll help you succeed and find the job of your dreams.

100% Our Service for Your Service

RMU offers generous veterans college benefits, closing any gap between the post 9/11 veteran's education benefits allotment and our tuition for qualifying veterans