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His Favorite Things

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


We asked Chris Howard to share some details about what makes him tick and what makes his day. Here are a few of his favorite things:

Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain changed my life as a young man. Twain was one of America's best observers of the human condition and a heck of a satirist.

Glory and Denzel Washington showed how men of color wanted to serve their nation even during a period marked by intolerable discrimination.

TV show or Netflix binge-watch
House of Cards. Kevin Spacey is the devil incarnate but you have to keep watching.

Historical figure
It's a four-way tie: Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, and Nelson Mandela. COURAGE.

Vacation spot or place to relax
Martha's Vineyard or my backyard

Indoor hobby
Reading, listening to jazz, and exercising 

Outdoor hobby
Puffing on a fine cigar (because my wife won't let me do it inside).

Adventurous pursuit you would like to try
Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro would be a nontechnical climb on an amazing continent.

"Summertime" by George Gershwin and "So What" by Miles Davis. There is a reason they call it the Great American Songbook -- the songs are great.

Filet mignon. Hey, I am a Texan, so eating beef is the law of the land.

A Muscle Milk vanilla shake after my morning workout hits the spot.

Cocktail, wine, or other "potent potable"
Manhattan straight up with Makers Mark. Living in the South, you fall in love with bourbon.

La Aroma de Cuba. I received a free box from a writer for Cigar Aficionado and never looked back. 

RMU Colonials, of course, and Dallas Cowboys. Again, I am a Texan — it's the law.

Blue or purple. The former is the color of the sky and sea, and purple because I am a huge Prince fan.

Pet or animal
Our dog Sammy. He can't wait to meet you!

American city
Washington, D.C., has meant a great deal to me and my family over the years.

Foreign city
Cape Town, South Africa. Barbara hails from Johannesburg but we love Cape Town.

Dream destination
Hong Kong and New Zealand would be the perfect mix of city and breathtaking countryside.

Thing about you that surprises people
I can do a mean Electric Slide on the dance floor.