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Covering the Cup

Thursday, June 1, 2017

HartzfeldPensTVBoth Jake Hartzfeld ’16 and Brooks Bratten ’13 root for the Colonials, but their loyalties are divided on NHL ice.

Hartzfeld, who works for the Pittsburgh Penguins as a videographer and editor for PensTV, is covering the Stanley Cup finals for his second year in a row. In Nashville, Bratten is communications and content coordinator for the Predators, the team that stands as the Penguins’ last hurdle in their quest for a fifth Stanley Cup.

An Erie native, Hartzfeld interned with the Penguins for a season and now shoots and edits video content for the team’s website, social media, and in-game coverage. “It’s a lot less stressful to do it for the second time,” he says. “Last year was a learning experience. This year, we know the concept a little more so it’s easier to be part of it and work together.”

In his role, Bratten hosts an online game day preview, creates a majority of the team’s web content, and handles some PR work for the organization. A Mount Lebanon native, Bratten interned with the Penguins in 2012, which he says was instrumental in getting his job in Nashville. “I want nothing more than for the Predators to have as much success as possible on the ice and off,” Bratten says.

Both Hartzfeld and Bratten worked with RMU Sentry Media while in school and use the lessons they learned while covering Colonial sports.

While Bratten has transitioned to a Predators fan since moving south, he says he keeps up with the Penguins even though he might not be cheering for them in this series. “I think I will always be interested in how the Penguins are doing and I'll always be grateful to them and some people in the organization for giving me my start in the industry," he says.

- Written by Megan DeArmit