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RMU, Paraben to Host Cyber Security Conference

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Robert Morris University and Paraben Corporation will host the PFIC Innovation Symposium on August 18 to discuss current trends in cyber security and forensics. The event will take place at RMU’s Moon Township campus.

Topics will include the digital forensics of social media, the Internet of Things, devices, smartphones, high stakes evidence tampering, and the future of cyber technologies. The conference will draw IT professionals and other industry experts, educators, and students. Online registration is open.

RMU’s growing cyber forensics and information security degree features a course on mobile forensics, and the university has trained 35 faculty members in mobile security at institutions across the United States thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation. Paraben, based in suburban D.C., recently named RMU the Cyber School of the Future 2017.

“RMU is forging into a leader in the cyber forensics area with their strong academic programs,” said Paraben president and CEO Amber Schroader.

“With the explosion in use of mobile devices, it is imperative that our students gain hands-on training in the field so that they can market themselves for top jobs upon graduation” said Karen Paullet, associate professor of computer and information systems at RMU.

During the conference, digital investigations agency Binary Intelligence will demonstrate a rare live “chip-off,” in which investigators who are unable to access a mobile device’s data through traditional means will physically extract the device’s chip.

“There is a growing need for trained mobile forensics examiners due to the demand of connected devices, and RMU is playing a vital role in training students for jobs in the field,” said Paullet.