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Cyber School of the Future

Friday, August 18, 2017

Corporate employers and law enforcement agencies can benefit from Robert Morris University's growing expertise in cyber security and mobile forensics through the newly launched RMU Center for Cyber Research and Training.

The center was announced at the Paraben Forensic Innovations Conference, a private industry and law enforcement symposium held at the Moon Township campus in August.

The new center offers customized training workshops on maintaining network security and deterring and detecting unauthorized access. It also shares techniques for gathering evidence from mobile devices for law enforcement investigations, and will conduct research in cyber security, cyber forensics, digital evidence analysis, enhanced law enforcement, cyber crime, and investigation.

"We know the good guys aren't the only ones with high-tech tools," said President Chris Howard. "At RMU, we are committed to advancing the field of mobile forensics and cyber security. We will continue to play a role to develop and promote the use of technology in law enforcement, from criminal investigations to courtrooms."

Paraben, the Virginia cyber security consulting firm that sponsored the conference, honored RMU with an award for "Cyber School of the Future." Paraben CEO Amber Schroader singled out Karen Paullet, associate professor of computer and information systems, for her work in mobile forensics in the classroom and for the last two years through National Science Foundation-funded workshops for other university educators. "It's nice to see someone have so much passion and so much effort, and not only in her own school, but she's taken the time to do grants and teach other schools," Schroader said.

Keynote speaker David Hickton, founding director of the University Of Pittsburgh Institute For Cyber Law, Policy, and Security and former U.S. Attorney in Pittsburgh, detailed some of his experiences bringing indictments against Chinese and Russian hackers and talked about what the future holds for cyber security.

"You have watched unfold since 2014 the dawn of the serious, committed effort to apply the criminal indictment tool to the process of cyber hacking, and it happened right here in Pittsburgh," Hickton said. He also spoke of the importance of cooperation to face future challenges: "Just as Pitt and Robert Morris have to work together, the government has to work with the private sector."