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6/15/2018The Minuteman
6/1/2018RMU in the News
6/1/2018The Minuteman
5/18/2018The Minuteman
5/4/2018The Minuteman
5/2/20182018 Presidential Transformational Award
5/1/2018RMU in the News
4/27/2018The Minuteman
4/24/2018RMU Receives More than $7.5 Million in Recent Gifts
4/20/2018The Minuteman
4/18/2018Outstanding CEOs and Top Executives winner: Chris Howard, RMU
4/13/2018The Minuteman
4/11/2018Robert Morris University to Make Major Investments in Student Housing
4/9/2018New Covestro Center for Community Engagement
4/6/2018The Minuteman
4/5/2018Sentry Media Makes History
4/1/2018RMU in the News
3/23/2018The Minuteman
3/22/2018Gridiron Graduate
3/16/2018The Minuteman
3/12/2018RMU Welcomes College Athletics Leader
3/9/2018The Minuteman
3/8/2018Buscaglia Named NEC Coach of the Year
3/2/2018The Minuteman
3/1/2018RMU in the News
2/23/2018The Minuteman
2/16/2018The Minuteman
2/9/2018The Minuteman
2/2/2018The Minuteman
2/1/2018RMU in the News
1/29/2018Blitzer to Address Class of '18
1/29/2018RMU 100 Plan
1/26/2018The Minuteman
1/23/2018RMU is Official Higher Education Partner of the Penguins
1/19/2018The Minuteman
1/12/2018The Minuteman
1/9/2018U.S. News Best Online
1/5/2018The Minuteman
1/1/2018Events & Appearances
1/1/2018RMU in the News
12/20/2017Bernard Clark to Lead Colonials
12/15/2017The Minuteman
12/12/2017Bridges and Pathways
12/8/2017The Minuteman
12/1/2017RMU in the News
12/1/2017The Minuteman
11/17/2017The Minuteman
11/10/2017The Minuteman
11/9/2017Award-Winning Landscape
11/7/2017Keeping the Promise
11/6/2017Fighting Dyslexia
11/6/2017Women in the Boardroom
11/3/2017The Minuteman
11/1/2017RMU in the News
10/27/2017The Minuteman
10/20/2017 RMU Athletic Hall of Fame Class of 2017 Unveiled
10/20/2017Great Careers, Great Lives
10/20/2017The Minuteman
10/13/2017The Minuteman
10/6/2017The Minuteman
10/3/2017Sport Management Career Summit
10/1/2017RMU in the News
9/29/2017The Minuteman
9/26/2017Colonials at the Casino
9/26/2017RMU Partners with Koppers on Leadership Development
9/22/2017The Minuteman
9/15/2017The Minuteman
9/12/2017RMU Climbs the Charts in U.S. News & World Report Rankings
9/11/2017College Emmy Award Winners
9/8/2017The Minuteman
9/5/2017Colonials Unveil 2017-18 Schedule
9/1/2017RMU in the News
9/1/2017The Minuteman
8/25/2017New CFP committee member Chris Howard ready to blend college football, leadership in 2017
8/25/2017The Minuteman
8/24/2017What I'm Reading, August 24
8/18/2017Cyber School of the Future
8/11/2017The Minuteman
8/3/2017Learning About Leading
8/1/2017RMU in the News
7/28/2017The Minuteman
7/27/2017RMU to Become First Amazon Web Services' AWS Academy Member in Pennsylvania
7/25/2017Inspiring in STEM
7/21/2017Preserving Art Heritage
7/20/2017Films in Focus
7/19/2017Serious Student-Athletes
7/14/2017The Minuteman
7/6/2017RMU in the News
6/30/2017The Minuteman
6/30/2017Top 10 Seniors
6/29/2017RMU, Paraben to Host Cyber Security Conference
6/27/2017Chris Howard Named to College Football's 150th Birthday Planning Group
6/16/2017The Minuteman
6/16/2017Vets Train in 3-D for Free
6/9/2017Summer In D.C.
6/5/2017What I'm Reading, June 5
6/2/2017The Minuteman
6/1/2017Covering the Cup
6/1/2017RMU in the News
5/26/2017Future Grassroots Leader
5/24/2017Vira Heinz Scholars Go Abroad
5/22/2017RMU, CCBC Sign 13 Transfer Agreements for High-Tech Degree Programs
5/19/2017The Minuteman
5/10/2017Municipal Police Academy to Open at RMU
5/8/2017Tomlin Talks to Grads
5/5/2017The Minuteman
5/3/2017Rinks and Rings
5/1/2017RMU in the News
4/28/201714 Media Arts Students Honored at Tri-State Competition
4/28/2017The Minuteman
4/21/2017The Minuteman
4/17/2017Tiny Home is Fan Favorite
4/13/2017RMU Mourns the Passing of Dan Rooney
4/11/2017Presidential Transformational Award
4/10/2017"GO FOR IT"
4/10/2017What I'm Reading, April 10
4/7/2017The Minuteman
4/6/2017Ready for the CFP Selection Committee
4/5/2017Leadership Drive
4/1/2017RMU in the News
3/31/2017The Minuteman
3/24/2017Student Joins Adagio Health Youth Leadership Board
3/24/2017Swiss Students Partner with Marketing Majors
3/24/2017The Minuteman
3/17/2017The Minuteman
3/15/2017 From Steel Valley to Silicon Valley: football lessons
3/15/2017Giving Back Award
3/10/2017On the Forbes List
3/10/2017The Minuteman
3/9/2017Here We Go, Speaker
3/3/2017The Minuteman
3/1/2017RMU in the News
2/28/2017Lead in Fast Food Toys
2/24/2017The Minuteman
2/24/2017Tiny Home on Campus
2/23/2017Mardi Gras Professor
2/21/2017William Copeland 1918-2017
2/20/2017FedEx CEO Delivers Address
2/17/2017The Minuteman
2/16/2017Moving On Up
2/10/2017Colonials at Heinz Field
2/10/2017Study Finds Narrowing Gender Gap
2/10/2017The Minuteman
2/7/2017What I'm Reading, February 7
2/3/2017The Minuteman
2/1/2017RMU in the News
2/1/2017The Best is Yet to Come
1/27/2017The Minuteman
1/20/2017The Minuteman
1/19/2017UPMC Events Center Announced
1/17/2017RMU President Chris Howard Named to College Football Playoff Committee
1/13/2017New Rooney Scholars
1/13/2017The Minuteman
1/10/2017Ring of Honor Grows
1/9/2017Chapter of the Year
1/9/2017RMU jumps ahead in U.S. News & World Report Best Online 2017 rankings.
1/6/2017The Minuteman
1/4/2017What I'm Reading, January 4
1/1/2017RMU in the News
12/16/2016The Minuteman
12/9/2016The Minuteman
12/9/2016The Power of &
12/2/2016The Minuteman
12/1/2016Higher ed pivotal to meeting workforce needs
12/1/2016RMU in the News
11/29/2016CCBC and RMU Sign Transfer Agreements For 14 More Degree Programs
11/29/2016Leadership in Athletics
11/18/2016The Minuteman
11/11/2016Supporting Our Troops
11/11/2016The Minuteman
11/10/2016CCAC and RMU Provide New Educational Opportunities Through Articulation Agreement
11/4/2016The Minuteman
11/1/2016RMU in the News
10/28/2016The Minuteman
10/27/2016Giving Back in the Classroom
10/27/2016New Boathouse for Rowing Team
10/27/2016What I'm Reading, October 27
10/21/2016The Minuteman
10/19/2016An Improbable, but Not an Impossible Story
10/19/2016President Obama’s third CMU visit for first White House Frontiers Conference
10/14/2016The Minuteman
10/12/2016RMU Families To Receive a “Parent and Sibling Discount”
10/11/2016Future Business Leader
10/7/2016President Howard Inaugurated
10/7/2016The Minuteman
10/7/2016Universities are not ‘trade schools,’ but they should prepare students for the workforce
10/1/2016RMU in the News
9/30/2016Emmy Winners
9/30/2016The Minuteman
9/29/2016Six To Join Robert Morris Athletic Hall of Fame
9/23/2016RMU Sport Management Conference Brings Nation’s Top Sports Executives to Pittsburgh
9/23/2016The Minuteman
9/16/2016The Minuteman
9/13/2016RMU Is a Nationally Ranked University for the First Time
9/12/2016President Howard seeks to make RMU “preferred partner” of regional organizations
9/9/2016The Minuteman
9/8/2016Former High-Ranking FBI Agent Will Be RMU’s First President’s Leadership Fellow
9/2/2016The Minuteman
9/1/2016RMU in the News
8/31/2016What I'm Reading, August 31
8/26/2016Next Year in Jerusalem
8/26/2016The Minuteman
8/23/2016 Welcome Class of 2020
8/23/2016Christopher Howard: Advocate for Education
8/17/2016Seeing Black Leadership Up Close
8/12/2016PA's Best Biology Teacher
8/12/2016The Minuteman
8/4/2016The Reason for the Season
8/1/2016RMU in the News
7/29/2016Personalities of Pittsburgh: Robert Morris University's Christopher Howard
7/29/2016The Minuteman
7/21/2016What I'm Reading, July 21
7/18/2016Robert Morris Garners MAAC Academic Plaudits
7/15/2016Diversity in Nursing
7/15/2016The Minuteman
7/14/2016Leaders Are Made, Not Born
7/11/2016Black Male Leadership Development Institute recognizes young leaders
7/11/2016Training the Trainers
7/6/2016RMU Names Michelle Patrick the Next Dean of the School of Business
7/1/2016Karwacki Selected for U.S. National Team Tryout
7/1/2016RMU in the News
6/30/2016Anderson Inks Two-Year Deal With Maccabi Haifa
6/30/2016The Minuteman
6/27/2016Dean Kalevitch Graduates From Leadership Pittsburgh Program
6/23/2016Total of 18 Colonials Named to All-Academic Team
6/17/2016The Minuteman
6/10/2016Lynch Earns Academic All-American Honors
6/6/2016What I'm Reading, June 6
6/3/2016The Minuteman
6/3/2016The RMU Brand
6/2/2016Logos & Identity
6/2/2016Photo Library
6/2/2016Web & Social Media
6/1/2016RMU in the News
6/1/2016Robert Morris University Partners with The University of Akron to Offer Accelerated Law Programs
5/27/2016Top Seniors Receive Presidential Award
5/25/2016RMU Students Get Crash Course in Presidential Politics
5/20/2016Ellen DeGeneres Gives Alum $50 Grand
5/20/2016The Minuteman
5/18/2016RMU Becomes Doctoral-granting National Research Institution
5/16/2016Back to Virginia
5/16/2016Enactus RMU to Host Inaugural RMU Innovate Pre-orientation Program
5/7/2016A top gun for RMU: Christopher Howard is the growing school’s promising new president
5/6/2016The Minuteman
5/3/2016Robert Morris University Takes Pledge on Opioid Education as Announced at the White House
5/2/2016NEXT Pittsburgh - NEXT Up: Christopher Howard
5/2/2016Under Armour Becomes the Exclusive Outfitter of RMU Athletics
5/1/2016RMU in the News
4/30/2016What I'm Reading, April 30
4/29/2016The Minuteman
4/26/2016Colonials Men's Hockey Earns Perfect APR Score
4/26/2016Iraq War Veteran Earns RMU’s Highest Undergraduate Award
4/25/2016RMU Students Rank Fourth for Highest Number of National Media Awards
4/22/2016The Minuteman
4/21/201610th Annual RMU Undergraduate Research Conference Set for April 22
4/20/2016Putting the 'U' in Civic Engagement
4/20/2016Scaife Hall Dedicated
4/15/2016Gallup Education Insights: Presidential Priorities with Dr. Christopher Howard
4/15/2016The Minuteman
4/8/2016The Minuteman
4/6/2016Robert Morris University’s Colonial Theatre Receives Regional and National Recognition
4/5/2016U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald Will Give Keynote Speech at RMU’s 91st Commencement Ceremonies
4/1/2016RMU in the News
4/1/2016The Minuteman
3/31/2016What I’m Reading, March 31
3/23/2016RMU Ranks 6 in Online B.S. in Cyber Forensics & Information Security
3/18/2016The Minuteman
3/16/2016Dr. Howard on KQV-AM
3/16/2016The first, but not the last
3/15/2016RMU To Host Networking & Education Event on Future of U.S. Health Care
3/14/2016Colonials Claim Sixth NEC Title
3/14/2016Pittsburgh Speakers Series Announces 2016-17 Season
3/11/2016The Minuteman
3/10/2016Education Conference Looks at Partnerships
3/9/2016Dr. Howard Appears on KDKA-AM Radio
3/7/2016Nolen Keeys Selected Institute for Responsible Citizenship Scholar
3/7/2016The “Goldilocks” solution
3/4/2016The Minuteman
3/2/2016RMU in the News
3/1/2016Business Principles are Important for College Presidents
3/1/2016Dr. Christopher Howard sits down with Delaney Hassell
3/1/2016My favorite RMU stories
2/29/2016Many Talents Earn Colonial National "Student Journalist of the Year Award"
2/26/2016The Minuteman
2/25/2016RMU Board of Trustees Elects New Chair, Richard Harshman
2/24/2016From Montpelier to the Moon
2/24/2016New National Poll of Republican Presidential Race Shows Donald Trump in Control
2/24/2016One of the First Colonials
2/19/2016New National Poll Shows High Support for Pope Francis, Particularly among Trump Supporters
2/19/2016The Minuteman
2/17/2016Black History Month: RMU’s First African-American President
2/16/2016Leadership 101
2/12/2016The Minuteman
2/10/2016Henry Crown Fellow
2/9/2016Black History 101 Mobile Museum Makes Stop at RMU
2/8/2016Faraci Garners NEC Football Scholar-Athlete Honor
2/8/2016Krivoniak Named 2015 NEC Volleyball Scholar-Athlete
2/5/2016The Minuteman
2/2/2016Bank VP Alumna Advocates Mentoring
2/1/2016Dr. Christopher Howard Becomes 8th President of RMU
2/1/2016Dr. Christopher Howard Becomes 8th President of Robert Morris University
2/1/2016RMU in the News
2/1/2016RMU, Pitt Team up for "Energy Inventor Lab" Program
1/29/2016The Minuteman
1/27/2016RMU to Host Girls and Women in Sport Symposium
1/25/2016Alejandro Villanueva Interviewed for RMU Oral History Project
1/22/2016The Minuteman
1/19/2016His Favorite Things
1/15/2016The Minuteman
1/14/2016His Favorite Things
1/14/2016U.S. News and World Report Ranks RMU Online Among Tops in the Nation
1/13/2016President Chris Howard Receives NCAA Silver Anniversary Award
1/11/2016RMU Names Christopher Howard Next President
1/8/2016The Minuteman
1/6/2016RMU Again Ranked as Top School for Vets
1/5/2016President's Council
1/4/2016Fulbright Grant Sends RMU Professor to Tajikistan
1/4/2016Issues & Priorities
1/3/2016Buscaglia Named BCT Sportsperson of the Year
1/1/2016NPR's On Being: Beyond the Ivory Tower
1/1/2016President's News
1/1/2016RMU in the News
12/31/2015About Dr. Howard
12/18/2015The Minuteman
12/11/2015RMU to Host the Women and Transformational Leadership Symposium
12/11/2015The Minuteman
12/4/2015The Minuteman
12/2/2015Colonials to Face Buckeyes in NCAA First Round
12/1/2015Buss’ Major Award Highlights All-NEC Honorees
12/1/2015RMU in the News
11/30/2015President-Elect Christopher Howard To Receive NCAA Silver Anniversary Award
11/30/2015Student Invited to Attend Google Headquarters for Developer Summit
11/20/2015The Minuteman
11/13/2015The Minuteman
11/9/2015Poll: Financial Insecurity Continues to be a Factor in Retirement
11/6/2015The Minuteman
11/4/2015Thanks to RMU, Pittsburgh babies get a head start on art appreciation
11/3/2015RMU Hosts Forum on "Continuum of Care: The Next Frontier"
11/3/2015RMU Oral History Project Examines Wars In Iraq and Afghanistan
11/1/2015RMU in the News
10/30/2015The Minuteman
10/27/2015Pittsburgh Speakers Series Welcomes Dr. Sanjay Gupta
10/27/2015Plurality of Pennsylvanians Polled by RMU Now Think Kane Should Resign
10/27/2015RMU Poll: As Budget Impasse Continues, Wolf Ratings Down, Still Above Numbers for State Legislature
10/27/2015State Spending Priorities Split Along Party Lines
10/23/2015The Minuteman
10/21/2015RMU Poll shows large Biden vote up for grabs
10/20/2015State Senate Candidates Set to Square Off at RMU
10/16/2015The Minuteman
10/12/2015RMU Professor’s Book Tells the Untold Story Behind the “Unisphere”
10/12/2015RMU Sport Management Conference Once Again Draws the Nation’s Top Sports Executives to Pittsburgh
10/9/2015The Minuteman
10/8/2015Pittsburgh Speakers Series Kicked Off Season with John Irving
10/5/2015Beta Gamma Sigma Gives RMU Chapter “High Honors”
10/5/2015RMU Skyrockets in the latest U.S. News and World Report Rankings
10/2/2015The Minuteman
10/1/2015RMU in the News
9/28/2015Robert Morris Mourns The Loss of Midge McPhail
9/25/2015The Minuteman
9/24/2015RMU Online Ranked in "Best Online Colleges in PA"
9/22/2015RMU Media Arts Gallery to Host Interactive Exhibition, Beyond the Obvious
9/18/2015The Minuteman
9/17/2015RMU in the News
9/11/2015The Minuteman
9/10/2015Robert Morris University Names Dr. Christopher Howard Its Next President
9/8/2015Latest RMU Athletic Hall of Fame Class Includes Six Individuals, One Team
9/8/2015Nursing Professor to Be Named Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing
9/8/2015RMU professor named Computer Educator of the Year
9/4/2015The Minuteman
9/1/2015Free Health and Wellness Expo Sponsored by RMU, Heritage Valley Health System
9/1/2015RMU in the News
8/28/2015The Minuteman
8/25/2015Senior VP for Institutional Advancement Named Outstanding Fundraising Executive
8/21/2015The Minuteman
8/11/2015Princeton Review Ranks RMU "A Best College In The Northeast"
8/7/2015The Minuteman
8/1/2015RMU in the News
7/28/2015Robert Morris University Gets NSF Grant for Mobile Security Program
7/24/2015The Minuteman
7/16/2015Jessica Chin Takes 1st Place in National Computer Applications Competition
7/16/2015Magazine Names RMU Dean to "100 Inspiring Women in STEM"
7/14/2015RMU Professor Wins IBM Faculty Award – Again
7/13/2015RMU's CITADEL to Hold Engaged Learning Conference
7/12/2015Scott, Colonials Garner CHA All-Academic Accolades
7/12/2015TIME LAPSE: New School of Nursing and Health Science Building
7/10/2015The Minuteman
7/1/2015RMU in the News
6/19/2015The Minuteman
6/16/2015Fracking Enjoys Strong Support from Pennsylvanians
6/15/2015The School of Education and Social Sciences Celebrates “Psychoversary”
6/10/2015Sleith Named NEC Female Student-Athlete of the Year
6/9/2015National Poll: Getting Students Jobs Should Be Higher Ed’s First Priority
6/9/2015UPMC Passavant Hospital Calls on RMU To Help Improve Patient Safety
6/8/2015Poll: Sestak Leads Toomey in RMU Poll, But Undecided Exceeds Both
6/5/2015The Minuteman
6/3/2015Poll: By 2-to-1 Margin, Pennsylvanians With a View Say Kane Should Resign
6/3/2015Poll: No Clear GOP Frontrunner Yet, RMU Poll Finds
6/2/2015Pair of School of Nursing and Health Sciences Programs Receive 10 Year Accreditation
6/1/2015RMU Gallup® Survey Shows RMU Alumni Are More Likely Working Full Time, Engaged at Work than Other College Grads
6/1/2015RMU in the News
5/25/2015 Rigatti Leads Way as Colonials Pace AHC in Classroom Again
5/22/2015The Minuteman
5/20/2015RMU Names AnnMarie LeBlanc the Next Dean of the School of Communications and Information Systems
5/17/2015The RMU College Affordability Academy
5/16/2015Men's Ice Hockey Honored Again By NCAA For Excellent Academic Progress Rate
5/12/2015RMU Announces 2015-16 Recruiting Class
5/8/2015The Minuteman
5/7/2015Sleith, RMU Coaches Win Major NEC Awards
5/5/2015Robert Morris Men's Golf Claims NEC Title
5/4/2015Khulood Al Ali Wins RMU Presidential Transformational Award
5/1/2015RMU in the News
5/1/2015The Minuteman
4/28/2015RMU Launches Fully Online B.A. in Criminal Justice
4/27/2015Americans Ready to Cut the Cord
4/24/2015The Minuteman
4/22/2015Pittsburgh Speakers Series Wrap Up Season with Michio Kaku
4/17/2015The Minuteman
4/15/2015Robert Morris Extends Toole Through 2019-20 Campaign
4/14/2015RMU Names David Jamison Interim President
4/10/2015The Minuteman
4/8/2015President Gregory Dell'Omo to give Valedictory Speech
4/1/2015RMU in the News
3/27/2015Environmental Science Program Brings Home National Rank
3/27/2015The Minuteman
3/27/2015Toole Time
3/23/2015David McCullough Returns to Speakers Series
3/21/2015RMU's Department of Education Unveils RMU Recommends Book List
3/20/2015The Minuteman
3/13/2015The Minuteman
3/11/2015Colonials Topple St. Francis, Win NEC Title
3/6/2015The Minuteman
3/4/2015U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey Has a Sagging Approval Rating
3/3/2015Wolf Enjoys Strong Support
3/1/2015RMU in the News
2/27/2015The Minuteman
2/26/2015RMU To Host Panel Discussion on Pittsburgh Hospitals And the Affordable Care Act
2/20/2015The Minuteman
2/13/2015The Minuteman
2/9/2015P.W. Singer
2/9/2015Poll: The Washington Redskins Should Keep Their Name
2/6/2015The Minuteman
2/4/2015U.S. News Ranks RMU No. 24 For Graduate IT Programs
2/1/2015RMU in the News
1/30/2015The Minuteman
1/28/2015New Pittsburgh Police Chief to Speak to Black Male Leadership Development Institute
1/23/2015RMU to Host Girls & Women in Sport Symposium Feb. 4
1/23/2015The Minuteman
1/20/2015RMU Online Education Degrees Now Offered Through NEA Academy
1/16/2015The Minuteman
1/9/2015The Minuteman
1/7/2015Americans Believe Sports Teams Hide Reports of Abusive Player Behavior
1/7/2015New National Poll Shows Class in American Society Does Exist
1/7/2015Pittsburgh Speakers Series Welcomes Arianna Huffington
1/1/2015RMU in the News
12/19/2014The Minuteman
12/12/2014The Minuteman
12/5/2014The Minuteman
12/2/2014Faraci Selected to Academic All-Star Team
12/2/2014RMU Student Places First in Regional Journalism Competition
12/1/2014RMU in the News
11/30/2014RMU Poll Shows Growing Support for Banning Youth Contact Football
11/30/2014RMU Poll: PA Residents Expect Sales and Income Tax Increases
11/24/2014RMU Marshals 3-D Printing Expertise to Assist Local Manufacturer
11/21/2014The Minuteman
11/18/2014Fifteen and Counting
11/17/2014Pittsburgh Speakers Series
11/14/2014RMU Homecoming Microsite Recognized with MarCom Gold Award
11/14/2014The Minuteman
11/13/2014Looking for the Perfect Stocking Stuffer?
11/10/2014RMU MEN'S HOCKEY
11/7/2014The Minuteman
11/1/2014National Post-Election Poll: Americans Intended to Send President a Message
11/1/2014RMU in the News
11/1/2014RMU President Gregory Dell'Omo to leave RMU in June 2015 to become next president of Rider University, NJ
11/1/2014RMU’s We Built This City Recounts 70 Years of the Allegheny Conference
10/31/2014The Minuteman
10/30/2014RMU To Screen Award-Winning Documentary Brave Miss World
10/28/2014“A Colony Sprung From Hell”
10/24/2014The Minuteman
10/22/2014RMU Economics Professor Wins Teaching Innovation Award
10/21/2014RMU Symposium To Consider the Power of the Presidency
10/21/2014Waste Management Grant Boosts RMU Early College Completion Program
10/20/2014Former Australian Prime Minister To Speak at Pittsburgh Speakers Series
10/17/2014The Minuteman
10/10/2014The Minuteman
10/9/2014RMU to Honor the Pittsburgh Steelers
10/3/2014Corbett Trails Wolf by Nearly 22 Points
10/3/2014The Minuteman
10/1/2014RMU in the News
9/26/2014The Minuteman
9/23/2014Sandy Hook Massacre Inspires Provocative RMU Play
9/18/2014The Minuteman
9/17/2014RMU Mourns the Loss of Colonial Theatre Founder
9/17/2014RMU Students to Host Colonial Car Cruise
9/16/2014RMU Breaks Ground on New School of Nursing Building
9/12/2014The Minuteman
9/11/2014Most Americans Vulnerable To Hacking, Identity Theft
9/10/2014Powering Down
9/10/2014RMU to Host World War II Hero Carl Walpusk
9/8/2014Bitcoin Could Capture the Imagination of Americans
9/5/2014RMU Student Organizes “What’s On Your Plate” Health and Wellness Expo
9/5/2014The Minuteman
9/3/2014Americans Support Major Education Reform Initiatives
9/2/2014Poll Shows Tom Wolf with 30-point Lead Over Gov. Tom Corbett
9/1/2014RMU in the News
8/29/2014Americans Split Over the Importance of Unions
8/29/2014The Minuteman
8/22/2014The Minuteman
8/8/2014The Minuteman
8/5/2014RMU Nursing Professor Receives National Honor For Emergency Nurse Practitioners
8/1/2014RMU in the News
8/1/2014RMU Launches Master’s Degree in Health Services Administration
7/25/2014The Minuteman
7/21/2014Signed through 2019-20 season
7/11/2014The Minuteman
7/1/2014Not that RMU
7/1/2014RMU in the News
6/20/2014The Minuteman
6/18/2014The Washington Center Names Robert Morris Academic Seminar University of the Year
6/6/2014The Minuteman
6/1/2014RMU in the News
5/29/2014Media Bias is Driving Away the Audience, Says RMU Poll
5/28/2014Employers Want Dependable Workers
5/27/2014PA Residents Think Corbett Headed to Defeat.
5/27/2014Seeing Troops in Uniform Gives Americans “Goose Bump.”
5/23/2014The Minuteman
5/22/2014U.S. Government Not Doing Enough to Help Veterans
5/19/2014RMU's Hospitality and Tourism Named a Wise Choice for Students
5/16/2014Dalton Signs Contract with Detroit Lions
5/9/2014The Minuteman
5/7/2014Santillo Earns Third Straight Golden Glove Award
5/6/2014RMU Recommends Book List
5/2/2014The Minuteman
5/1/2014RMU in the News
5/1/2014Six Colonials Earn All-NEC Honors
4/25/2014The Minuteman
4/24/2014RMU Spring Senior Showcase
4/23/2014RMU School of Business Receives $400,000 from PNC Foundation
4/21/2014“Bronze Bob” Statue a New Tradition at Robert Morris University
4/21/2014A New Tradition Begins!
4/21/2014The Pittsburgh Speakers Series
4/16/2014RMU Dance Team Co-Captain Wins University’s Highest Honor
4/11/2014The Minuteman
4/10/2014“In Flanders Fields…”
4/9/2014Sigma Kappa to Join Robert Morris University’s Panhellenic Sorority Community
4/7/2014Innovative Simulation Program at RMU Will Help Doctors and Nurse Practitioners Collaborate to Improve Treatment of Patients with Physical and Mental Illnesses
4/4/2014The Minuteman
4/3/2014Largest Class in RMU History Set to Receive Diplomas
4/3/2014RMU's Literary Journal, Rune, Holds April 24 Release Party
4/2/2014RMU School of Business Earns Reaffirmation of its AACSB Accreditation
4/1/2014Anderson named to 2014 AP Honorable Mention All-America Team
4/1/2014RMU in the News
3/28/2014The Minuteman
3/27/2014Pittsburgh Speakers Series Announces 2014-15 Season
3/26/2014RMU Professor Named 2014 Artist of the Year
3/26/2014Robert Morris, CCAC Partner to Help Students Earn Two Degrees
3/23/2014Colonials to Take On Minnesota in West Regional
3/21/2014The Minuteman
3/14/2014The Minuteman
3/13/2014RMU Names Valerie Howard Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences
3/12/2014Gender Equality
3/7/2014The Minuteman
3/6/2014Governor Corbett Far Behind in Bid for Re-Election in 2014
3/5/2014Americans with a College Education Have a Better Quality of Life
3/5/2014Obamacare to Drain Support for Democratic Candidates in 2014
3/4/2014Even Republicans agree that “Global Warming” is Real
3/4/2014Robert Morris Duo Earn Postseason Awards From Northeast Conference
3/1/2014RMU in the News
2/28/2014The Minuteman
2/27/2014Presidential Update
2/25/2014McLaughlin Earns Second Silver Medal in Sochi
2/21/2014The Minuteman
2/14/2014The Minuteman
2/7/2014The Minuteman
2/6/2014RMU Partners With Zipcar to Offer Car Sharing on Campus
2/1/2014RMU in the News
1/31/2014The Minuteman
1/30/2014Walker, Walton Earn Spots in Northeast Conference Hall of Fame
1/24/2014The Minuteman
1/17/2014The Minuteman
1/14/2014Colonials Climb to Eighth in National Rankings
1/14/2014RMU To Remember, Celebrate Life of Rex Crawley
1/10/2014The Minuteman
1/1/2014RMU in the News
12/13/2013The Minuteman
12/6/2013The Minuteman
12/4/2013Banaszak Named AFCA Assistant Coach of the Year
12/3/2013RMU To Re-Organize its Division I Athletics Program
12/1/2013RMU in the News
11/26/2013RMU Mourns Passing of Beloved Professor
11/22/2013The Minuteman
11/19/2013Survey Says: “You’re Pleasantly Plump”
11/18/2013Fracing Sees Support
11/18/2013Getting the Bugs Out
11/15/2013The Minuteman
11/14/2013Head Injuries in Mind
11/13/2013Americans Would Have Preferred Bipartisan Effort on ObamaCare
11/12/2013Robert Morris to Induct Joe Walton into Athletic Hall of Fame Friday
11/8/2013The Minuteman
11/1/2013RMU in the News
11/1/2013The Minuteman
10/31/2013Pittsburgh, Robert Morris a Finalist to host the Frozen Four
10/25/2013The Minuteman
10/24/2013Never a Gas Station When You Need One
10/18/2013The Minuteman
10/14/2013RMU Holds 10th Annual Sport Management Conference
10/11/2013The Minuteman
10/8/2013Eight Colonials Softball Players Named All-America Scholar-Athletes
10/8/2013Former Greece Prime Minister Kicks Off RMU Pittsburgh Speakers Series
10/4/2013The Minuteman
10/1/2013RMU in the News
9/27/2013High School Juniors, College Freshmen
9/27/2013RMU Names Valerie Howard Acting Dean of School of Nursing and Health Sciences
9/27/2013The Minuteman
9/25/2013RMU Hosts Sustainable Enterprises Conference of the Future
9/20/2013The Minuteman
9/16/2013RMU Business School Names Lois Bryan Senior Associate Dean for Academic Excellence
9/13/2013The Minuteman
9/12/2013RMU Named A Military Friendly School
9/6/2013The Minuteman
9/3/2013RMU Online Psychology Degree Gets National Ranking
9/1/2013RMU in the News
8/30/2013The Minuteman
8/28/2013Robert Morris Seeks to Boost Access to Mental Health Care
8/23/2013The Minuteman
8/21/2013RMU Welcomes Largest Freshman Class, Record Number of Students Living on Campus
8/9/2013The Minuteman
8/8/2013Poncho Sanchez Latin Jazz Band to Perform at RMU
8/1/2013RMU in the News
7/30/2013RMU Athletic Hall of Fame to Induct Joe Walton in 2013
7/29/2013Robert Morris, 970 AM ESPN Agree to Three-Year Contract
7/26/2013The Minuteman
7/12/2013The Minuteman
7/9/2013RMU Again Victorious in the "Penny Wars"
7/8/2013RMU Again Leads the Way in AHA All-Academic Team
7/1/2013RMU in the News
6/25/2013Meagher Wins NEC Scholar-Athlete Award
6/25/2013RMU Donates Hockey Skates to Local Organizations
6/21/2013The Minuteman
6/20/2013Robert Morris Collects NEC Academic Plaudits
6/20/2013Uzuri Think Tank Launches with “Perspectives”
6/19/2013RMU Welcomes His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz
6/17/2013Japundza Named NEC Scholar-Athlete of the Year
6/12/2013RMU Hosts Black Male Leadership Development Institute
6/7/2013The Minuteman
6/6/2013RMU Students Get Lessons in Cyber Security from The Washington Center
6/6/2013Robert Morris Names New General Counsel
6/1/2013RMU in the News
5/28/2013RMU a Good Investment, Survey Says
5/24/2013The Minuteman
5/23/2013Artist and Photographer Goes Online to Raise Funds for a Project 12 Years in the Making
5/10/2013The Minuteman
5/8/2013Nonprofits ISO New Board Members for Possible Relationship Get a Matchmaker in BoardsWork!
5/7/2013Robert Morris S-STEM Scholars Set to Graduate
5/3/2013Robert Morris Extends Toole’s Contract Through 2017-18
5/3/2013The Minuteman
5/1/2013RMU in the News
4/29/2013From Croatia to RMU: Volleyball Team Captain Wins University’s Highest Honor
4/26/2013The Minuteman
4/22/2013Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald to Speak at Robert Morris Commencement
4/19/2013The Minuteman
4/17/2013SCoRE! RMU Helps Students Build Confidence, Avoid Depression
4/16/2013RMU Dominates Graphic Design Competition
4/15/2013RMU Greeks Lip-sync and Dance for a Good Cause
4/12/2013The Minuteman
4/10/2013Love the Shoes, Gentlemen
4/8/2013Cornhole 4 Cancer Tournament Shows Great Success
4/5/2013The Minuteman
4/1/2013RMU in the News
3/27/2013"Brave the Shave," a Fight Against Children's Cancer
3/26/2013Robert Morris University Named to Community Service Honor Roll
3/22/2013The Minuteman
3/20/2013RMU Students Sponsor Special Olympics Bowling Sectional
3/20/2013Robert Morris Stuns Kentucky, 59-57, in First Round of 2013 NIT
3/18/2013World-renowned Israeli Composer Will Premiere His Latest Composition at Robert Morris University
3/17/2013RMU Hosts Kentucky in NIT Tournament Tuesday Night
3/15/2013The Minuteman
3/11/2013Future is Bright: Spanou, Ravelli and Mataly Earn NEC Honors
3/8/2013The Minuteman
3/5/2013All the News Moon Can Use
3/1/2013RMU in the News
3/1/2013The Minuteman
2/25/2013DiCiocco Breaks Wins Record in Victory over PSU
2/25/2013RMU’s Psych in a Box Invites Students to Consider Psychology Careers
2/22/2013The Minuteman
2/20/2013RMU Women’s Basketball Player Inspired to Create “Hoops for Hope”
2/18/2013Saving Students Money, By the Book
2/15/2013The Minuteman
2/13/2013The Navajo Nation Returns to Robert Morris
2/8/2013The Minuteman
2/7/2013New Dean Brings Entrepreneurial Flair to RMU
2/7/2013RMU in the Top 20 U.S. News Best Online Graduate Computer Information Technology Programs
2/1/2013RMU in the News
2/1/2013The Minuteman
1/25/2013Survey: Men Still Out-Earn Women at Nonprofit Organizations
1/25/2013The Minuteman
1/24/2013RMU Student, President to Swap Places
1/18/2013The Minuteman
1/16/2013RMU's M.S. in Taxation Named a Top 10 Program
1/11/2013The Minuteman
1/8/2013"The Andy Toole Show" Debuts Tuesday on ESPN 970 AM
1/4/2013The Minuteman
1/1/2013RMU in the News
12/19/2012Women's Basketball Continues Anti-Bullying Campaign
12/14/2012The Minuteman
12/7/2012Banas and Nearhoof Both Named Academic All-Americans
12/7/2012Colonials Sign Five Players For 2013-14
12/7/2012The Minuteman
12/1/2012RMU in the News
11/30/2012The Education Will Be Televised
11/30/2012The Minuteman
11/16/2012The Minuteman
11/9/2012The Minuteman
11/6/2012Question: What’s the Most Fun You Can Have on a Sunday When the Steelers aren’t on TV?
11/6/2012Robert Morris Earns Best GPA in Division I Again
11/2/2012The Minuteman
11/1/2012RMU Board of Trustees Inks New Deal with President
11/1/2012RMU in the News
10/26/2012The Minuteman
10/25/2012Wanted: More Women in Science, Technology, and Mathematics
10/24/2012Nearhoof Honored by NFF, Wins $18,000 Scholarship
10/19/2012The Minuteman
10/15/2012Robert Morris University to Honor Carl Ross’s 80th Trip to Nicaragua
10/12/2012The Minuteman
10/11/2012RMU Joins Operation Educate the Educators
10/10/2012RMU Joins Health Care Partnership to Reduce Preventable Hospitalizations
10/5/2012The Minuteman
10/1/2012RMU in the News
9/28/2012The Minuteman
9/27/2012RMU To Welcome One Young World to Campus
9/27/2012RMU Women’s Basketball “Step It Up” For Community Service
9/21/2012The Minuteman
9/20/2012RMU Hits $40 million Fundraising Goal
9/14/2012The Minuteman
9/12/2012RMU Goes Back to the Future With Enterprise Systems Degree Programs
9/7/2012RMU Hosts Ninth Annual Sport Management Conference
9/7/2012The Minuteman
9/1/2012RMU in the News
8/31/2012The Minuteman
8/29/2012Greece Wins Euro Title, RMU Star is MVP
8/24/2012The Minuteman
8/16/2012RMU Joins Winning Bid for U.S. Manufacturing Pilot Program
8/10/2012The Minuteman
8/9/2012RMU to Host Summer Concert with Jazz Legend Pat Metheny
8/7/2012RMU Research Shows How Nanoparticles Can Fight Cancer
8/6/2012Former Olympian McLaughlin Named Assistant Coach
8/1/2012RMU Earns AVCA Team Academic Award
8/1/2012RMU in the News
7/30/2012RMU to Launch Research Center to Study Success Among Black Men
7/27/2012The Minuteman
7/25/2012RMU Professor Receives NEA Grant to Complete Flamenco Documentary
7/16/2012Robert Morris Opens RMU Downtown, Offering Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees for Working Professionals
7/13/2012The Minuteman
7/11/2012Middle States Commission Reaffirms Accreditation for RMU
7/9/2012RMU Begins Repairs to Golf Dome at Neville Island
7/2/2012RMU in the News
6/29/2012Delaney and Scott Share CHA Scholar-Athlete Award
6/29/2012The Minuteman
6/27/2012RMU Students Host Car Show to Raise Awareness, Celebrate Achievements of Those with Down syndrome
6/26/2012Robert Morris Claims 2012 NEC Institutional Academic Award
6/20/2012RMU Names Wendy Beckemeyer Vice President of Enrollment and Financial Aid
6/15/2012The Minuteman
6/13/2012RMU Hosts Black Male Leadership Development Institute
6/1/2012RMU in the News
6/1/2012The Minuteman
6/1/2012Update on RMU Golf Dome Collapse
5/25/2012RMU Named a Top-10 Online University by SuperScholar
5/18/2012The Minuteman
5/16/2012Help Wanted: The Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management "74% Initiative" Survey
5/15/2012Black Male Leadership Development Institute Holds Graduation Ceremony May 19
5/11/2012Santillo, Sleith, Coaches Win Major NEC Honors
5/4/2012RMU Lacrosse: McMinn, Matisz Headline RMU’s 11 All-NEC Honorees
5/4/2012The Minuteman
5/1/2012RMU in the News
4/30/2012RMU Wins Regular-Season Softball Crown, Claims No. 1 Seed
4/29/2012RMU Wins Regular-Season Men's Lacrosse Title, Claims No. 1 Seed
4/27/2012The Minuteman
4/24/2012Broadcasting Legend Tom Brokaw to Close Out the 2011-12 Pittsburgh Speakers Series
4/23/2012From Kosovo to RMU: Class of 2012 President Wins University’s Highest Honor
4/20/2012The Minuteman
4/13/2012From Frankenstein to Sherlock Holmes, RMU Professor Explores the Role of Medicine in Victorian Literature
4/13/2012The Minuteman
4/12/2012RMU Sustainability Conference Looks to Help Build Sustainable Businesses, Neighborhoods, and Nations
4/9/2012RMU Students Generate Electricity from Abandoned Mine Drainage
4/4/2012McLaughlin Named to U.S. World Championship Roster
4/4/2012RMU’s 87th Commencement Features First Class of Pittsburgh Promise Graduates
4/3/2012RMU Student Is Named Newman Civic Fellow by Campus Compact
4/1/2012RMU in the News
3/30/2012Pittsburgh Speakers Series Announces 2012-2013 Season
3/30/2012RMU Students Learn to Use Internet Protocol version 6
3/30/2012The Minuteman
3/26/2012Colontino Named USCHO National Coach of the Year
3/26/2012General Stanley McChrystal to Speak at RMU
3/23/2012The Minuteman
3/22/2012Robert Morris University Named to Community Service Honor Roll
3/21/201284 Lumber Acquires Hockey Naming Rights at RMU Island Sports Center
3/21/2012RMU Educates Nurse Practitioners To Treat Children’s Mental Health Disorders
3/16/2012RMU Students Organize 10th Annual Special Olympics Pennsylvania Western Bowling Sectional
3/16/2012The Minuteman
3/15/2012RMU Panel Will Tackle Hospital Readmission Rates
3/12/2012Step Away from that Smartphone, says RMU instructor
3/9/2012The Minuteman
3/4/2012RMU Stuns No. 6 Mercyhurst, Wins First CHA Title
3/2/2012The Minuteman
3/1/2012RMU in the News
2/28/2012Keeping Up with the Joneses
2/27/2012RMU Looks to Build Interest in Math and Science Careers
2/24/2012The Minuteman
2/23/2012Best-selling Author Azar Nafisi on Deck for Pittsburgh Speakers Series
2/17/2012The Minuteman
2/15/2012Nearhoof Tabbed Northeast Conference Scholar-Athlete of the Year
2/15/2012Veith Honored as Northeast Conference Scholar-Athlete of the Year for Volleyball
2/14/2012Colonial Theatre Presents "The Rimers of Eldritch"
2/10/2012The Minuteman
2/9/2012RMU Online Degree Programs Earn Top Rankings
2/3/2012The Minuteman
2/1/2012RMU in the News
1/26/2012The Minuteman
1/24/2012Three-time Super Bowl Champion Named Next RMU Football Coach
1/20/2012DiCiocco Wins Local Athlete of the Year Honor
1/20/2012The Minuteman
1/13/2012The Minuteman
1/13/2012Vote for Artie!
1/9/2012Best-selling author and journalist Michael Pollan to speak at RMU
1/6/2012The Minuteman
1/1/2012RMU in the News
12/19/2011Two former Colonials Drafted into Major League Lacrosse
12/16/2011The Minuteman
12/13/2011Leading the Way
12/12/2011Carrying a Torch
12/9/2011The Minuteman
12/7/2011Colonials Break Into Mid-Major Top-25
12/6/2011Black Male Leadership Luncheon Promotes Financial Literacy
12/2/2011The Minuteman
12/1/2011RMU in the News
11/18/2011The Minuteman
11/16/2011Rex Crawley Receives YWCA Racial Justice Award
11/14/2011RMU to Develop Training Program for Veterans Courts
11/14/2011RMU's New Convergence Conference Examines Intersection of Communication, Information Systems
11/11/2011The Minuteman
11/7/2011RMU to Purchase Holiday Inn Pittsburgh Airport
11/7/2011Valerie Plame Wilson and Joe Wilson set to speak at RMU Nov. 21
11/4/2011The Minuteman
11/2/2011RMU Unveils New Cyber Forensics Degree with “Beyond Busted”
11/1/2011RMU in the News
10/31/2011Michelle Rhee to Speak Nov. 2 at Pittsburgh Speakers Series
10/28/2011The Minuteman
10/27/2011NEC-Best 10 Colonials Earn Scholar-Athlete Honors
10/24/2011RMU's Health Services Administration Degree Receives National Ranking
10/21/2011The Minuteman
10/19/2011Susan Hofacre Run Set for Nov. 5
10/17/2011Record Three Colonials Selected in NLL Draft
10/17/2011RMU to Host "Write Now!" Workshop
10/14/2011The Minuteman
10/13/2011RMU Volleyball Upsets Pitt For First Time in Program History
10/11/2011RMU to Host County Executive Debate
10/7/2011Ron Chernow to Kick Off the 2011-12 Pittsburgh Speakers Series
10/7/2011The Minuteman
10/6/2011RMU Named one of Pittsburgh’s “Top Workplaces”
10/3/2011Robert Morris Earns Third-Highest GPA in Division I
10/1/2011RMU in the News
9/30/2011RMU Sport Management Conference Draws Top Sports Executives
9/30/2011The Minuteman
9/28/2011Next Meeting of Women MBA Association Oct. 12
9/28/2011RMU to Host Panel Discussion on the Emerging Role of DNPs
9/27/2011Robert Morris Signs Walton to Two-Year Contract Extension
9/23/2011The Minuteman
9/22/2011Andrew McMinn Named Robert Morris Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach
9/21/2011Robert Morris University NSCS Chapter Receives Gold Award
9/21/2011Wanted: More Female Scientists, Engineers and Mathematicians
9/16/2011The Minuteman
9/15/2011An Extraordinary Evening
9/14/2011Visiting Rooney Scholars Help Celebrate 150th Anniversary of Italy’s Unification
9/12/2011Redefining Health Care
9/9/2011The Minuteman
9/6/2011RMU Marks 90th Anniversary with Opening of Business School Building
9/2/2011The Minuteman
9/1/2011RMU in the News
8/29/2011Extraordinary Professor
8/26/2011The Minuteman
8/12/2011The Minuteman
8/8/2011An Explosive Problem
8/1/2011RMU in the News
7/29/2011The Minuteman
7/28/2011RMU Nurses Get a Dramatic Education
7/20/2011Spanou Named U20 European Championship MVP
7/18/2011RMU Colonial Theatre Presents Rodgers’ & Hammerstein’s "Cinderella"
7/15/2011The Minuteman
7/1/2011The Minuteman
6/30/2011RMU in the News
6/28/2011RMU, Duquesne Launch Women MBAs Organization
6/17/2011The Minuteman
6/15/2011RMU Professor Earns Catalyst for Change Award
6/3/2011The Minuteman
6/2/2011RMU launches master’s program in special education
6/1/2011RMU in the News
5/27/2011Dubovec Selected First Team Academic All-America
5/25/2011Mercatoris Takes His Place In Robert Morris History
5/20/2011The Minuteman
5/12/2011Changing Lives -- And Winning Awards
5/12/2011Cracking the Glass Ceiling
5/12/2011Mother and Daughter, Both Nurses, Pursue Doctoral Degrees Together
5/12/2011Pittsburgh Speakers Series Announces 2011-2012 Season
5/12/2011RMU Student Marketing Group Again Wins Top Honors
5/12/2011RMU Students Net Major Journalism Awards
5/12/2011RMU Trustee Patricia Rooney Receives the Robert P. Casey Medal
5/12/2011Student Government President Wins RMU’s Highest Undergraduate Honor
5/6/2011RMU in the News
5/6/2011The Minuteman