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Friday, August 7, 2015


-- On August 13, faculty members from 10 universities across the country and five local industry partners will converge at RMU for a day and half workshop on software verification and validation. Through a collaborative industry-academia partnership funded by a National Science Foundation grant, faculty members from RMU’s School of Engineering, Math, and Science (SEMS) as well as the School of Communication and Information Systems (SCIS) have developed 40 hours of active learning tools on software verification and validation (V&V). These tools cover requirements management, software testing, configuration management, and software reviews. The developed materials can be used entirely for a new course on V&V or for enhancing an existing course on V&V. In addition they can also be used by training in the industry.

The focus of the workshop will be to introduce participants to the developed active learning tools and provide participants with an instructional package consisting of a draft course syllabus, active learning modules, and a suite of assessment tools. Participants are expected to assess the current material, and through collaboration, generate additional materials. Participants will commit to using a subset (or the complete set) of the current material in one or more of their own courses or in a training program during the following year and provide RMU with an assessment report. Since 2013, RMU faculty Sushil Acharya (SEMS), Priya Manohar (SEMS) and Peter Wu (SCIS) have worked with peers from SCIS, SESS, and staff from RMU’s Media Center in developing these materials. 

-- Yves Justin Tiendrebeogo, a senior actuarial science major, has received the Actuarial Diversity Scholarship from the Actuarial Foundation.  

-- RMU received a $244,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to launch a program that will train faculty and students in mobile Internet security. The funds will accomodate a Mobile Forensics and Security certificate program that students will be able to complete online to learn to secure and analyze mobile devices and networks against cyber crime. Under the NSF grant, RMU will partner with Middle George State University and the Southeastern Advanced Cybersecurity Education Consortium to train 20 faculty in 2016 and 20 in 2017. Karen Paullet, assistant professor of CIS, is directing the mobile security project at RMU along with Jamie Pinchot, associate professor of CIS, and Sushma Mishra, assistant professor of CIS.

-- Mathematics Professor Monica VanDieren has received a grant from the National Science Foundation for $134,600 to create visual teaching materials to allow students to more easily understand complex calculus concepts. She and colleagues at the University of Buffalo and Monroe Community College (Rochester, N.Y.) will use the popular Java applet CalcPlot3D to study how visualization helps students understand multivariable calculus concepts. The researchers will identify ways to expand the use of CalcPlot3D to enhance students' understanding of engineering, physics, and linear algebra. The project also will fill a gap in the existing educational research by addressing the effects of visualization on student understanding of three-dimensional concepts.  


-- RMU Online was recognized as having one of the most Affordable Online MBA programs in the nation by Ranking 29 out of 50, Robert Morris was noted to have a program that focuses on practical and applicable skills in today's business world through an accredited business school by The site also recognized reputation, completion time, accessibility, available specializations, affordability, and return on investment. To be listed, each school must hold AACSB International accreditation. Data was gathered from the consumer advocacy group, for the Estimated Program Cost and from PayScale’s Early Career Salary Reports. The early career salary was divided by the estimated program cost to find the program affordability.

-- Also ranking in the top 50 in its class is Robert Morris University's Master's of Engineering Management degree. RMU was named among the Top 50 Best Online Master's in Engineering Management Programs 2015. ranked RMU 32, citing its flexible curriculum schedule with courses to prepare students to apply knowledge and establish leadership in technical work environments. Only schools with regional accreditations were considered, and of them, SuperScholar looked at academic reputation, flexibility, cost, awards/recognition, and return on investment. The Bureau of Labor and Industries records that architectural and engineering management employment will see a 7% increase by 2022. Employees with Engineering Management degrees are valued in automotive, construction, design, energy, government, healthcare, industrial, manufacturing, and military settings. 

-- RMU is participating in PAServes, a program to create a single point of service for veterans and their families to receive social, health, and wellness services. PAServes represents a collaboration of 45 local organizations and is funded through the Heinz Endowments. 

-- Check out the latest edition of RMU in the News and see why John Turchek and John Clark had microphones in their faces in July.


-- This month Political Science Professor Philip Harold presented “Values or the Common Good: Education for the Common Good,” at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and gave a poster presentation "The Origin of Value Language in the Search for Security" at the Tuebingen University Symposium on Ethics, "The Value of [In]Security," in Tuebingen, Germany. Harold is the associate dean of the School of Education and Social Sciences. 

-- Maria Kalevitch, the dean of RMU's School of Engineering, Mathematics and Science, has been named to INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine's 100 Inspiring Women of STEM. The national honor recognizes Kalevitch's efforts both to attract women and girls to careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and to build the ranks of RMU faculty in those fields. Kalevitch, who earned her Ph.D. in Biology from the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, has been a strong supporter of gender and racial diversity efforts at RMU since she arrived in 2002 as the only female science professor on the faculty. She was named dean in 2010, and is one of only 28 female deans among the 466 four-year schools of engineering in the United States approved by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), according to statistics from the Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation. Read more about this prestigious honor.

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