New Faculty Members
The start of the 2004-05 academic year includes 28 new faculty members, pictured below.

From left in back are, James Rebele, Alvita Martin-Friar, Zbigniew Czjakiewicz, Ting Jie Wang, Daniel Barr, Gretchen Givens Generett, Valerie Howard, Ferris Crane, Stephen Foreman, Kamala Raghavan, Ken Gargaro, Kristyn Kameg Zalice, M.C. Kiliany, Carolina Loyola-Garcia, William Dress and Berthran McCoy.

Standing in front, from left, are Sushil Acharya, Katherine Perozzi, Shelly Todd, Imrana Igbal, Anita Iaquinta, Lisa Locasto, and Syed Tanvir Wasti. Not pictured are Betsy McCall, Daria Kirby-Crawley, Lawrence Tomei, Priyadarshan Manohar, and Anne Flynn.

Released: 9/10/2004