ASCI4100-C1 Life Contingencies I    (Fall 2012)

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Course Details
This course satisfies part of the Communication Skills graduation requirement.

This section is Communication Skills intensive. Communication Skills I-V must be completed before taking this course.

Program Requirements

Session, Dates: 1 (08/27/2012 - 12/15/2012)

Days: T R

Time: 03:15 - 04:30 pm

Location: Moon Campus

Room: Hale Center 204

Seats Available: 8 Seats

Credits: 3

Course Description

This course helps the student to become familiar with the basic mathematical principles underlying contingent financial arrangements, emphasizing situation in which mortality is the contingent event and the instrument is life insurance. Mathematical fundamentals of survival distributions, life insurance, life annuities, net premiums, and net premium reserves are presented. Software proficiency in word processing is required.

Prerequisites: ASCI3100, COSK2220, MATH2170 and STAT3150 or permission of departmental head.

About The Instructor

Christophe Groendyke, Ph.D.

Director, Actuarial Science

Assistant Professor of Actuarial Science
412-397-6054 phone
412-397-4075 fax
John Jay 307