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RMU Recommends

RMU Recommends

RMU Recommends is a reading list for children and adolescents, hand-picked by faculty members in Robert Morris University's Department of Education. Our faculty have unveiled their list of "Great Reads for Children of All Ages."  

About RMU Recommends

Each faculty member picked their favorite children's book to include in the listing and also recommended other books for varying age levels and for children with special needs. 

The reading list is divided into different sections – Infant and Toddler, Preschool, Elementary School, Middle SchoolTeens, and Special Needs  – and includes a number of suggested reading apps appropriate to use in conjunction with traditional literature.

The gift of reading can be shared at any age and can change the way children interpret their worlds. Studies show that reading aloud to your children actually increases their chances for success in school and of become lifelong readers.

Please visit the RMU Recommends Facebook page and share your own favorite children and young adult books—the ones you love reading to your children as well as those you loved when they were a kid! 

We hope this list will encourage parents to spend more time reading quality books to their children.

Please visit your local library to check out one these amazing stories!

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