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Guide to Residence Living

Living on campus is an integral part of the total University experience. Pursuing intellectual activities, exploring your individuality and experiencing independence, create the unique combination that is University life.

Your choice to live on campus and take advantage of its many opportunities puts you in the middle of a dynamic living-learning environment. Living with other students who share your interests, concerns, and desire to succeed will help you to build personal relationships that will last a lifetime. In addition, living at Robert Morris University will allow for extra hours that may be better spent studying, participating in extracurricular activities, and enjoying time with friends.

On-campus living puts you at the center of campus life while giving you the chance to choose the lifestyle that’s right for you. Life in a residential community offers numerous opportunities for academic achievement, personal development, and enjoyment. Each residence hall community at Robert Morris University has its own personality and character. However, the essence of the residence hall experience lies within the various interests, professional aspirations, and concerns that its residents share with one another. Through meeting and associating with fellow residents, you will be both challenged and supported.

Living and learning at Robert Morris University is a great experience that will help prepare you to meet the many challenges and opportunities you’ll face throughout your life. You have chosen to make your future of academics, leadership development, health and wellness, respect for others, and engaging at Robert Morris University. We believe you have made the right choice! Living on campus is the best way to explore and live the full college experience. This is your chance to make college count!

The following Guide to Residential Living is designed to help you make the most of your residential experience at Robert Morris University. It contains information about the University as a whole, as well as Office of Residence Life policies, procedures, and services. Please take a few minutes to read through this important information. Resident students are responsible for the information contained in this document so be sure to keep this guide handy throughout the year for your reference.

2017-18 Guide to Residence Living