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Teaching is one of the most essential professions in our society. The combination of a engaging learning environment and real-world teaching experience help to foster a love of learning that is then passed along to their students.   

Integrated Learning, Grounded in Theory

An education degree from Robert Morris University provides students with professional core courses, competencies, and student teaching experiences that will give them the opportunity to guide their students’ intellectual, personal, and social growth throughout their elementary, middle, and secondary school years. All of our teaching candidates are comfortable with integrated learning techniques that include communication skills, technology, and applying teaching theory into real-world practice. Our education programs include: 

Early Childhood Education (Grades PreK - 4)

This elementary education degree prepares students to teach young children from Pre-K to fourth grade in primary and elementary schools, child care locations and other child-focused programs and agencies. Graduates can teach preschool, kindergarten, and primary students through grade 4 in the state of Pennsylvania.

Early Childhood Education (Grades PreK - 4) and Special Education (Grades PreK - 8)

The Early Childhood Education degree can be combined with a Special Education certification. Together, these programs will prepare students with the skills that they require to become special education teachers. After completing this program, our graduates are able to meet the needs of students with disabilities, while expertly modifying lessons and competencies.  

Middle Level Education (Grades 4 - 8)

The Middle Level Education degree program prepares students to become certified to teach grades 4 through 8 in public and private schools in Pennsylvania, as well as child-focused programs and agencies. A middle school education degree is focused on instructing teaching candidates on the specific competencies that are required for the adolescent population. Each candidate will choose an academic area of study:

  • Math - Teacher Certification
  • English/Language Arts - Teacher Certification
  • Social Studies - Teacher Certification
  • Science - Teacher Certification
Secondary Education (Grades 7 - 12)

The Secondary Education program is a certification program for students who have a bachelor’s degree and would like to start a teaching career in middle schools or high schools. In this program, students will take both undergraduate and graduate courses to prepare to be a secondary teacher. Each will choose Pennsylvania state teacher certification in the one of the following areas:         

In-class Instruction and Applied Teaching Experience

In this program, the teacher candidates will receive both in-class instruction and will participate in out-of-class practical and applied teaching practice. All students in the education program must show expertise in a series of core experiences in a professional education setting, such as a public school, under the guidance of a mentor. In-class theory and knowledge, combined with opportunities to teach students and gain experience in a classroom setting, lead our students to become insightful, skilled teachers, always challenging and inspiring their students to improve and learn. 

Experienced Faculty with Backgrounds in Education

RMU’s education faculty are all experts in specialized areas of education, and they all have teaching and related work experience the education field, holding higher-level positions in schools including principals and superintendents.