New Student Enrollment Checklist: Robert Morris University New Student Enrollment Checklist | Robert Morris University


Welcome future RMU Colonial!

In order to make your transition to Robert Morris University as simple as possible, we've created this handy online checklist for you to use as you go through the Student Enrollment Process. The following list is a step-by-step process for everything you need to do prior to your arrival here in August. Please pay special attention to the deadlines associated with each step. It is extremely important that you complete all of these steps!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call your admissions counselor at 800-762-0097. We are here to help.

We look forward to seeing you!

Set up your Sentry Secured account -

Pay your $500 deposit no later than May 1st (you must be logged into your sentry account and click on "Registration Deposit - First Time Students")

Complete your online housing contract (residents only) -

Complete your university release form by logging into Sentry Secured Services -

File your FAFSA application (complete 2016 taxes first) -

Sign up to attend a Registration Day program -

Register your vehicle and purchase a parking permit (if you plan to have a car on campus or commute) -

Submit your health insurance information online no later than May 1st -

Make an appointment with your physician and have your physical and medical forms completed - download student health form

Sign up for RMU Alert (parents too) -