Intramurals & Club Sports: Robert Morris University Intramurals & Club Sports | Robert Morris University


Robert Morris University offers a wide array of intramural program,
club sports teams and fitness programming.  Intramurals and club
sports have over 1,000 participants per year and are among the
fastest growing activities on campus. The Jefferson Fitness Center
has undergone a transformation in recent years to include a full
schedule of group fitness classes including yoga, pilates, and
martial arts. There is an opportunity of everyone to participate in
intramurals and club sports at RMU. Intramurals and club sports
at the RMU strive to be a place that upholds one of the university’s
core values that individuals matter.


Intramural Sports

Intramural sports offer students the opportunity to remain
active and competitive in a variety of sports ranging from
basketball and flag football to ping pong and billiards.
Traditionally, we offer three team sport seasons in the fall
and spring semesters.  We also hold a variety of recreation
tournaments and sports related contests during each semester.

Club Sports

The club sports program is one of the fastest growing co-curricular options at the University, and in involvement in these teams contributes to students’ academic, personal and professional development. The programs enhance the quality of student life on campus, and they are a source of pride for the University. The teams are competitive in their respective sports, and a number of them have notable accomplishments and records for which they can be proud. Individual players also receive recognition for their academic and athletic accomplishments.

Club sportsThese teams compete against local and regional colleges and universities in organized leagues and associations. Some teams even travel outside of the region to compete. The University attracts a number of new students each year that have an interest in playing on one of its teams. Club sports are administered by the Office of Student Life, and teams are coached by individuals with collegiate playing and coaching experience.