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Global Engagement

In addition to the clubs listed below, which are sponsored by the Center for Global Engagement, please take a moment to take a look at all of the clubs and Student Life opportunities on campus.

Global Ambassadors

The program supports RMU’s global perspective core value by bringing together domestic and international students to a meeting of different countries and cultures at a personal level. The program also assists international students with integrating them into the university community as all students have assigned peer mentors to help them during their first semester at the university. The peer mentors strengthen their leadership and service skills when they support new international students in academic, social and cultural matters.

Please contact Tabitha Savka at if you are interested in learning more about the Global Ambassador Program.

Global Diplomats

This program is also run through the Center for Global Engagement and is a leadership opportunity for students who have completed their SET credit requirements as a Global Ambassador. The program is designed to further support the university’s vale of a global perspective by engaging the entire RMU community in events that bring students together across cultures. Students are able to earn SET credit in the Leadership category.

Students will exhibit leadership skills by assisting in the recruiting and advising of Global Ambassadors, by planning large scale events on campus, and by supporting and promoting the efforts of the Center for Global Engagement.

Saudi Student Club

The Saudi Student Club promotes Saudi students and Saudi culture at RMU. In additional to hositng the annual Saudi Day, the club provides for support of incoming Saudi students and encourages intercultural communication across campus.