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Global Engagement

Faculty Led Education Abroad Programs (FLEAPs)  are short-term study abroad opportunities developed by RMU faculty and supported by the Center for Global Engagement (CGE). RMU students who participate in Faculty-Led programs enroll in a FLEAP-designated course and receive RMU course credit while studying abroad. Leading an education abroad program furthers the Global Perspectives Core Value of Robert Morris University.  The FLEAPs are of two types: 1) Faculty Led and Organized, (FLAO) and 2) Faculty Led and CGE Organized (CGEO). Each type has specific faculty responsibilities and application procedures. 

All FLEAP proposals must go through an approval process.  There are several documents linked below which will help you create your program and walk you through the proposal process.  Please review these carefully and consult with Center for Global Engagement (CGE), your Department Head,  and your Dean before finalizing your proposal in order to discuss the logistics and planning of your program.



FLEAP Deadlines

Important dates to keep in mind when planning a FLEAP



Procedures and FAQs for designing a FLEAP experience



All the forms needed for your FLEAP proposal