Preparing for RMU: Robert Morris University Preparing for RMU | Robert Morris University

Global Engagement

Completing your immgration documents is a huge step - congratulations! There are just a few more things to think about and take care of before leaving for RMU!

Follow this quick "To Do" list in advance, it will help you adjust once you arrive on campus.

1. Get Familiar With Your RMU Student Account

By logging into your RMU account, you will have access to your RMU email, financial status, checksheet (degree plan), freedom card, housing information, etc. Please note that the Center for Global Engagement will communicate important updates to you via your RMU email account. Be sure to check it daily.

2. Apply for Housing

After you have activated your RMU Student Account, begin applying for your housing contract. On-campus housing space is limited, apply NOW!  If you plan to live off campus, please finalize your accomodations as soon as possible. There are limited housing options that will fill up if you wait. Please also note that there is limited public transportation, so students who want to live off-campus will likely need a car.

3. Health Form

Please complete the Health Form and return it to the Health Services Department (please note that part of this form must be completed by a physician). You must have the form completed in your home country and ready to give to us upon your arrival at Robert Morris University.

4. Health Insurance

Every F-1 international student is required to have health insurance. The University does provide a health care insurance carrier for those students who do not have coverage. International students will be enrolled in this insurance upon registration at RMU.

If you have your own health insurance, you can provide the information by following these instructions so that the premium amount will not be posted to your RMU account.

5. Placement Test - Undergraduates Only

All undergraduate students are required to take a Math placement test. You will not be registered until you take this test. Please check your email for for instructions for taking this test.

6. Parking Pass (Optional)

If you plan to have a car and want to park on campus, you must register for a parking pass.

7. Obtain International Driver's License (Optional)

 The State of Pennsylvania highly recommends that you have an international Driver's License if you plan to drive in the U.S. before you get your PA license. They are good for one year after your initial arrival.

8. Set Up Your Tuition Payment Options

Payments can be made using a credit card or wire transfer. Further information can be found here, or by calling 412-397-6260.