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Global Engagement

RMU is proud to have exchange partnerships with many universities around the world!

Studying abroad at one of our partner universities has many benefits. It is a highly immersive experience, and you will have the opportunity to experience typical university life in your host country. You'll take classes at the university with local students and other international students. 

However, classes are taught in English (unless you want to study the language of your host country!). Courses are available in a variety of disciplines, and students are encouraged to take courses outside of their major in order to make the most of their experience at the partner university.

Studying at an exchange partner is a great way to challenge yourself to improve your intercultural skills, which really help your resume stand out from the crowd.

A Global Perspective scholarship is available on an application basis for students interested in our exchange partners.

Notes:  Some programs allow exceptions to GPA requirements. Consult the CGE if you are interested in a program but your GPA is lower than the GPA listed.

The housing costs listed are estimates. Actual housing costs may vary based on housing option chosen and exchange rate.

School Symbols

SBUS_small SCIS_small SESS_small SEMS_small SNHS_small


Exchange Partner  Location Courses Minimum GPA  Estimated Housing Cost Fall Semester Dates  Spring Semester Dates 
abs-american-business-school-paris_0 Paris, France  SBUS_smallSESS_small 2.8 $4,800-$5,100 Mid September - Mid December Late January - Mid May
Deakin_University_Logo Melbourne, Australia SBUS_small SCIS_small SESS_small SEMS_small SNHS_small 2.6 $4,000-$4,300 Early July - Early November Early January - Early July
napier Edinburgh, Scotland SBUS_small SCIS_small SESS_small SEMS_small SNHS_small 2.8 $6,100-$6,400 Early September - Mid December Early January - Early May 
griffith Dublin, Ireland SCIS_small SESS_small 2.8 $2,800-$3,100 Mid September - Mid December Late January - Late April
UEDR Rome, Italy SBUS_small SCIS_smallSESS_small 2.5 $2,700-$3,000 September - December February - June
kansai LOGO Hirakata, Japan SBUS_small SCIS_small SESS_small 3.0 $3,000-$3,500 Early August - Early November Early January - Mid May
limerick Limerick, Ireland SBUS_small SCIS_small SESS_small SEMS_small 2.8 $3,000-$3,300 Early September - Late December Early January - Late May
Nanjing_final Nanjing, China SBUS_small SCIS_small SESS_small SEMS_small 3.0 $1,100-$1,500 Late August - Mid January Late February - Mid July 
Nebrija Madrid, Spain SCIS_small SESS_small SEMS_small 2.8 $3,500-$3,800  Early September - Mid December Mid January - Mid May 
FHS St Gallen St. Gallen, Switzerland SBUS_small 2.5 $3,000-$3,300 Mid September - Late January Late February - Late June 
University_of_Strasbourg_logo.svg Strasbourg, France SBUS_small 3.0 $2,000-$2,300 Late August - Mid December Early January - Late April

Note: Any students whose parents work at RMU must speak with the CGE to determine program eligibility.