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Program at a glance:
Travel Dates May 9-21, 2018
ARTM3195 "Design Italiano!" (3 credits)
Prerequisites: HUMA1010 or any ARTM course, and instructor permission
Prof. Hyla Willis, SCIS
COMM3560 "Culture & Couture" (3 credits)
Prerequisites: COSK1220, COSK1221, and instructor permission
Dr. Ann Jabro, SCIS
$500 Deposit due December 5, 2017 ($250 of deposit is non-refundable)
$1500 Second Payment due January 16, 2018
$1500 Final Payment due February 13, 2018


Course Information

The Program Fee includes participation in one or both courses.

ARTM3195 "Design Italiano!" (3 credits)
Prerequisites: HUMA1010 or any ARTM course, and instructor permission 
Students will travel to Florence, Venice, and Milan in northern Italy to study art and design history in context. We will look at historic and contemporary art & design artifacts, economics, tools, and interdisciplinary developments, and reflect on how Italian art and political times have been intertwined, with focus on the Renaissance, Modern, and Conteporary times. Through readings site visits, class discussions and presentations, reflective blogging, and a final project in the form of a visual essay, students will gain understanding of the impact of art and design on the economics, politics, and identity of a culture. 


COMM3560 "Culture & Couture" (3 credits)
Prerequisites: COSK1220, COSK1221, and instructor permission
This course is designed to expose students to intercultural communication theory through the context of the fashion industry in Italy. The domestic online classroom experience will focus on intercultural communication theory, intercultural communication competence, and a comparative analysis of United States cultural characteristics to Italian cultural characteristics such as family, economic and political systems, technology, family, and religion. The components of effective fashion design, branding, and marketing will be explored using Italian designers such as Versace, Armani, Zegna, and custom made wardrobing. We will link elements of design to fashion, class standing, and rites and rituals of Italian culture. During the immersion / applied learning experience in Italy, we will apply theory to practice. 


Program In Focus


The Program Fee for this Faculty-Led program will be $3500 per student, in addition to tuition. The tuition for this course is covered by your Spring 2018 tuition payment.
The fee includes: airfare, housing, most meals, mandatory excursions (for example, museum fees, company visits, historical sites), and supplementary travel insurance.
The fee does not include: personal spending money, some meals, elective (free time) excursions, passport fees, overweight baggage fees.

Payment Due Dates

  • Tuesday, December 5, 2017: $500 Deposit Due ($250 non-refundable)
  • Tuesday, January 16, 2018: $1500 Second Payment Due
  • Tuesday, February 13, 2018: $1500 Final Payment Due
You may make payment by credit card on our online payment page, or by check (payable to "Robert Morris University") or cash at the Center for Global Engagement office on campus. 


CGE offers competitive scholarships that give select students funding that will be applied toward the total Program Fee for a 2018 FLEAP. In order to be eligible, you must complete an application, original essay, and a letter of reference. These should be submitted along with the rest of your FLEAP registration materials by December 5, 2017. 

Travel Guidelines

The international travel component of this program includes travel from Pittsburgh International Airport to the country and back. No exceptions will be made concerning alternate travel arrangements.

To Register

Students can register for the course by logging into Sentry Secured Services and adding this course to their Spring 2018 schedule. Once you have registered, then complete the Faculty Led (FLEAP) Application and submit it to CGE along with a copy of your passport and current health insurance card.  You can pick up an application in the CGE or download the application forms here.  
The application, passport, and health insurance information are due with your $500 deposit on December 5, 2017.

Mandatory Orientation  

All participating students are required to attend one of the mandatory Orientations held on Tuesday, March 27 and Wednesday, March 28, 2018. 

Want to learn more? 

If you have further questions, please contact Phil Hnatkovich at the Center for Global Engagement at 412-397-6825 or hnatkovichp@rmu.edu.

Please note: Program itineraries are tentative and are subject to change.