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Global Engagement

Doing an internship abroad has many benefits. Did you know that 60% of hiring managers seek out candidates with international experience? That's because internships abroad help you build skills like intercultural communication, tolerance for ambiguity, and a better understanding of your own cultural biases. These are all skills valued by employers in our increasingly global world.

Like internships in the U.S., internships abroad should be approved by Career Services.

Summer Internships Abroad

Options: There is a wide variety of opportunities available for summer internships abroad. Most are unpaid internships that require payment by the student in order to secure the position, though some are fully-funded or even paid. These options include:

  • Cultural Vistas, including the IAESTE United States program for fully-funded STEM internships
  • Internship opportunities through the study abroad providers listed here, which would give you the opportunity to take classes alongside the internship
  • CISabroad summer internships
  • CareerUp  summer internships in Asia
  • Patnerships International  summer internships in Hungary, Ireland, and Spain
  • Use your own resources to identify opportunities that you're interested in. Ask your professors, personal contacts, or even Google to find something that appeals to you

Payment: all expenses paid by the student; see below for scholarship information

Intern Abroad During the Semester

Options: Many of our Global Approved Programs (listed here by RMU School) include the option of an internship in their semester abroad offerings. In this case, you would do your internship alongside the other courses you take during your semester abroad, including a 3- or 6-credit internship seminar. The Global Approved Programs with internship options incude:

  • FHS St. Gallen in St. Gallen, Switzerland (Spring semester)
  • Kansai Gaidai University in Hirakata, Japan (Summer term after studying abroad during the Spring semester)
  • CAPA's Global Business Institutes in Buenos Aires, Argentina; London, England; and Shanghai, China
  • CIEE's Open Campus program in Berlin, Germany
  • Euroscholars research abroad with faculty at internationally renowed research universities throughout Europe

Internship opportunities vary based on your major. Contact a study abroad advisor for more information about any of these opportunities.

Payment: typically included in the cost of the program; see below for scholarship information

Scholarship Opportunities

Many opportunities to do an internship abroad require payment in order to find and secure a position for you. This can get expensive, but many scholarships exist to help cover the cost of the internship. Check out our listing of Scholarships and Fellowships, and pay particular attention to:

  • the Vira I. Heinz Program for Women in Global Leadership (summer internship; women only)
  • Gilman International Scholarship

Post-Graduation Work/Study Abroad Options

Are you graduating soon or a recent RMU alumnus or alumna but still want to gain experience abroad? There are many opportunities out there just for you!