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Global Engagement

In order to have your courses abroad from a semester program count on your RMU checksheet, you need to get them approved by the appropriate department head prior to going abroad. FLEAP and summer abroad students do not use this form.

Click here  to download the form.

Please note that you should fill out one form for each department in which you wish to get approval for a course abroad. Since you will likely have course substitution forms for multiple departments, please rename each file as LastName_SemesterAbroad_Department.pdf (so, for example: Morris_Fall17_Communication.pdf).

On the first page, leave the Department Head Electonic Signature box blank for the faculty member to sign. On the remaining pages, fill out everything in the white boxes for each course you wish to substitute while abroad. 


Different countries use different credit systems. In order to maintain your full-time student status at RMU, you must take the equivalent of 12-18 credits at RMU while you are abroad. The following chart outlines credit equivalencies. If you need information outside of what is provided on this chart, please contact the CGE for help.

Providers often offer courses at their own study center as well as at local universities. Equivalencies for both have been listed for programs in the European Union. For provider programs (Athena, CIEE, ISA) outside of the EU, please contact a study abroad advisor to confirm credits before submitting your course substitution form to the appropriate department heads. 

University/Provider Credits Abroad RMU Credits
American Business School of Paris, France 3 3
American University of Rome, Italy 3 3
Athena Study Abroad 3 Athena, 5/6 ECTS 3
CAPA 3 3
Deakin University, Australia 1 3
Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland 20 Edinburgh Napier = 10 ECTS 6
Euroscholars 5/6 ECTS 3
FHS St. Gallen, Switzerland 5/6 ECTS 3
Griffith College, Ireland 5/6 ECTS 3
ISA 3/4 ISA, 5/6 ECTS 3
Kansai Gaidai University, Japan 3 3
Nebrija University, Spain 5/6 ECTS 3
University of Limerick, Ireland 5/6 ECTS 3
University of Strasbourg, France 5/6 ECTS 3

RMU Approved Course Database

Department Heads have the ability to list courses that are approved in a database for future students to look at when they are making their own decisions about course selection abroad.

You should use this database when answering if your courses were previously approved for another student. Currently, this database is incomplete. Until it is available, select 'unknown' on your course substitution form for this question.

List of Department Heads

This list is subject to change. It was last updated on August 29, 2017. If you find any incorrect information, please contact the CGE so that the list may be updated.

For foreign language courses, please send the request to the head of the English department. For open elective courses that do not have an equivalent RMU course, please send the request to the head of your major department.


Department Head

Email Address

Accounting and Taxation

Dr. Jacob Peng


Dr. Heather Pinson

Computer Information Systems

Mr. John Turchek

Economics and Legal Studies

Dr. Prasad Vemala


Dr. Richard Fuller


Dr. Arif Sirinterlikci


Dr. Sylvia Pamboukian


Dr. Riza Emekter

Health Sciences

Dr. Angela Macci Bires


Dr. Daria Crawley


Dr. Jill Maher


Dr. David Hudak

Media Arts

Dr. Helena Vanhala


Dr. Donna McDermott

Organizational Leadership

Dr. Petros Malakyan


Dr. William J. Dress

Social Sciences

Dr. Kathryn Dennick-Brecht

Sport Management

Dr. David Synowka