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Home: This Colonial Couple lives in Upper St. Clair with their two sons, Ethan and Jared.

Work: Bernie is a manager in the commercial department of U.S. Steel, and Pam is the owner of her own business, Garden Sitter.

Proudest Achievement: Both Bernie and Pam agree that their proudest achievement is being married for 30 years — their anniversary is in August — and raising two sons.

Favorite RMU Memory: They started dating when a Delta Zeta pizza delivery fundraiser brought Pam to Bernie’s suite. But besides their romance, Pam fondly recalls evening strolls through campus singing with her sorority sisters, while Bernie remembers hall hockey in Hamilton, intramural sports, and pledging Delta Tau Delta.

 Last Event Attended: Alumni networking lunch and Homecoming.

Why They Stay Connected: They both have enjoyed watching the campus grow over the years. And now Jared is software engineering major at RMU and a member of Delta Tau Delta, which his dad has helped reestablish on campus as a member of its alumni advisory board.