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Land Management (Undergraduate)

The U.S. energy industry is booming, thanks in part to abundant sources of natural gas such as the Marcellus shale. Extracting this natural gas in an environmentally responsible manner  -- and that treats property owners fairly -- requires workers with a distinct set of skills, and energy companies are struggling to fill these positions.

Robert Morris University is helping to meet this demand with its online Land Management Certificate program, which focuses on the management of energy extraction sites, including identifying land owners and owners of mineral rights, negotiating leases and calculating royalties, and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

Students in this undergraduate program learn about:

  • Regulations and policies of environmental planning and land use
  • Origins of oil and gas and geologic settings in which it is extracted
  • The processes of drilling and production
  • Environmental impacts of oil and gas development

With a Land Management Certificate from RMU, you will get an edge in this highly competitive and growing industry.

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