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Health Services Administration (M.S.)

Are you ready to move up in a changing health care industry?

The tremendous changes underway in U.S. health care delivery demand trained administrators and managers who understand how to achieve cost-effective care through process improvement and a focus on improving overall wellness. The days of volume-based care models are gone. Now every employer – hospitals, insurers, and other care providers – has to do more with less, and needs managers who understand the new models.

The Master of Science in Health Services Administration degree at RMU is a fully online program taught by experienced faculty and working professionals. 

Holly Hampe, DSc, RN, MHA,MRM, BSN
Health Services Administration Program Director.
Former VP and Chief Quality Officer at St. Clair Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA

Joseph Angelelli, PhD
Gerontology and public policy specialist,
Former Pennsylvania director of the Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute 

Georgeanne Caputo,  MBA, RDMS
Coorporate Improvement Specialist - Quality,Safety and Innovation Center at UPMC
Former Medical Imaging Supervisor at St. Clair Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA

Tina Gittelman, BSW, MHA
Manger, Online Student Services
Member of the HSAM Advisory Board
Former Director of Patient Services in the long term care industry

Jeffery Sarabok, RN, MBA
Administrator, Pediatric Specialty Care at Hopewell
Former Division Administrator, UPMC Department of Medicine

Jennifer Freel, MBA
Executive Administrator II, UPMC Physician Services Division
Former Division Administrator, UPMC Physician Services Division

Build your marketable skills and position yourself for advancement in a fast-changing field. Study techniques in management, strategic planning, organizational leadership, communication, budgeting and finance, research and evaluation, and other disciplines that will put you on the path to promotion.

For additional information, please contact the Graduate Admissions office at 412-397-5200.