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Family Connections is a publication designed for the parents and families of Robert Morris University students. It is compiled by the Office of Student Life and printed in cooperation with the Office of Public Relations and Marketing.

Editions are printed in the fall, winter, and spring of each academic year. We are interested in your feedback about this publication. E-mail your comments and suggestions to studentlife@rmu.edu.


What an exciting year this has been at RMU! As another academic year draws to a close, we want to thank you for your involvement and support this past year.

Our students have had many accomplishments and achieved great success in 2012-13, both in and out of the classroom. They have worked hard and had some memorable experiences along the way. We are proud to have shared together in experiences that make us all proud to be Colonials!

Please enjoy this final issue of Family Connections for this academic year. We have highlighted some topics that we feel are helpful for you to share with your student as you enjoy some relaxed time together during the summer months.

We look forward to seeing many of you return to campus in August for the start of a new year, and we shall celebrate alongside those of you with children that will graduate in May.


For many students, summer vacation means sleeping in and visiting with family and friends. But the summer months are the perfect time to make academic progress and/or to lighten the load for the upcoming year or for those who need to earn credits for financial or athletic eligibility. A typical student enrolled in a program that requires 126 credits for graduation will need to complete six (6) semesters of 15 credits and two (2) semesters of 18 credits in four years. Most delay taking the 18-credit semesters until their junior and senior years, which can translate into two stress- filled semesters.

Taking summer classes can alleviate some of this stress. Students have four options: a completely online class taken through RMU; a completely online class taken through RMU’s partnership with the Online Consortium of Independent Colleges and Universities (OCICU); a traditional, on-ground, three- or eight-week class at RMU; and/or a partially online/traditional three- or eight-week class at RMU. Courses taken through OCICU are considered RMU courses and the grade earned will appear in the student's QPA and on their transcript.

With any of these options, if a student takes a minimum of six (6) credits, he/she is able to live on-campus in one of the Residence Halls for FREE. Tutoring is offered on a limited basis, and the counselors in the Center for Student Success are available Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m., to assist students.


Although your student may not be taking classes this summer, this can be an important time for them to complete career-enhancing activities. In a competitive job market, employers look for more than just good grades. The following are some recommendations to help your student make better career decisions and develop valuable skills:

WORK EXPERIENCE can be attained through internships. Certain majors require students to complete an internship for academic credit; however, internships are recommended for all students to increase their marketability. Opportunities may be available as early as the freshman year. Even if the student is not eligible to complete the experience for academic credit at that stage, they can potentially add the non-credit internship to their Student Engagement Transcript (SET).

Related work experience is preferred, but any work experience is better than none. Jobs involving customer service, such as retail sales and waitressing, teach students to interact with customers and resolve conflicts, which are transferable skills important in many fields. Other valuable skills include computer, leadership, and communication, to name a few.

NETWORKING is critical in today’s job market. The RMU Career Center offers many professional networking opportunities throughout the school year. During the summer, students should network with family, friends, and co-workers. They can also start making career connections online through LinkedIn, where they can join the RMU Career Network.

JOB SHADOWING helps students learn more about career options while adding to their professional network. Students may contact an organization about observing an employee for a portion of a day. By doing so, they can determine if it may be a career of interest to them.

INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEWS can also provide students with more clarity about career options. Whether students are unsure about a particular option or just looking for advice, talking to a professional gives them a valuable professional perspective.

VOLUNTEER WORK is highly valued by employers. Many organizations give back to the community, and they look for candidates who have committed to a particular organization and given hours of service over time. Students can also develop important skills and great networking contacts while volunteering.

STUDY ABROAD experiences provide students with a unique cultural perspective that is sought by employers in this global economy. Also, the attributes of initiative, confidence, and leadership are utilized and further developed by studying abroad, which add to a student’s value with prospective employers.

Summer is the time to DEVELOP AND UPDATE JOB SEARCH TOOLS to prepare for the fall interviewing season. Employers will begin recruiting in September 2013 for interns and full-time candidates for January, May, and September 2014. The RMU Career Expo in When they come back to campus, students should be prepared to meet with employers as well as apply and interview for positions. The RMU Career Center is open throughout the summer months to assist students and alumni. Also, the online ColonialTRAK system features work- study, part-time, internship, and full-time positions, as well as valuable how-to’s on resumes, interviews, and other job search and career information.

Preparation key to success. Encourage your student to use this summer to prepare for their future career success!


The end of another successful school year is almost here, and that means updating your student health insurance information.

All traditional undergraduate students, both full- and part-time, who are planning on returning in the fall are required to carry health insurance that is comparable to the established RMU health insurance plan. Additionally, graduate students in the following categories must submit proof of comparable coverage or they will be automatically enrolled in the RMU plan:

  • Resident Students
  • International Students
  • Club Sport Participants
  • Nursing and Nuclear Medicine Students
  • Intercollegiate Athletes
RMU has partnered with Highmark to provide a high quality insurance option for students.

If you would like to enroll your student in the RMU plan, visit rmu.edu/studentinsurance. Choose the "Student Insurance" option. In Sentry Secured Services, select the "Add" option and complete the form. The plan is effective from Aug. 1, 2013, through July 31, 2014. A charge of $1,720 for the annual cost of the plan will appear on your student’s RMU Student Account. Students who enroll will receive their insurance cards directly from Highmark once the university has provided the carrier with the enrollment information. The Highmark insurance card will be imprinted with the RMU logo.

If your student has comparable health insurance coverage, visit rmu.edu/studentinsurance to provide this information to the university by the required deadline. Choose the "Student Insurance" option. In Sentry Secured Services, select the "Add" option and complete the online form. This information will be automatically sent to RMU Student Health Services. Alternate insurance information must be active for all terms in which the student is enrolled during the academic year. Alternate insurance information is subject to verification by Robert Morris University. Students should ensure that their coverage will be accepted within reasonable proximity to the RMU campus. You can verify RMU's receipt of your insurance information by checking the online Financial Status page and verifying that the insurance charge of $1,720 has been removed. Students who do not provide proof of comparable insurance coverage via the website by the required deadline will automatically be enrolled in the Highmark plan, and the annual cost of $1,720 will be charged to his/her account. The deadline to submit alternate insurance information for 2013-14 via the RMU website is July 31, 2013. Be advised that calls to university offices, verbal statements, and written correspondence on tuition payments do not constitute waivers of coverage.

For questions regarding:

  • Dental, vision care, travel abroad, short-term medical care or adding dependent coverage to your policy, contact Collegiate Insurance Resources at 800-322-9901 or visit cirstudenthealth.com/robert-morris.
  • Verification of enrollment or waiver status, visit rmu.edu/studentinsurance
  • General information about the university’s student insurance requirement, contact Student Health Services at 412-397-6221.


Next semester Yorktown Hall will be a very exciting place to live! The university has big plans in the works, such as extending the 24 hour work-out center, renovating an eatery on the lower level of the facility, and providing dedicated student activity space.

Living-learning communities and themed housing will be making their housing debut on select floors throughout the building. The Office of Residence Life is working hard to make Yorktown a fun and welcoming community for our current and future students.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at reslife@rmu.edu or by phone at 412-397-5252.


We wish to extend our thanks to those parents that participated in our Parents Satisfaction Inventory that just closed on April 12. Your feedback is helpful to us. We will be reviewing both the submissions from the students and the parents over the next several weeks, and we will share the survey results with parents and families in a future issue of Family Connections.