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Research Support

General Research Proposal Review Checklist

Please consider the following prior to submitting a research proposal for submission to Dr. Sushil Acharya, Assistant Provost for Research & Graduate Studies:

  • Have you reviewed the sponsor’s most recent guidelines?
  • Are these terms and conditions that bind the university into an agreement at the proposal stage?
  • Will these terms and conditions result in a publication restriction?
  • Is the proposal a new, competitive renewal, progress report, resubmission, or revision (Supplement)?
  • Is the proposal being submitted electronically or hardcopy?
  • Have the PI and other key personnel been identified clearly?
  • Has current Conflict of Interest form been completed?
  • Have waivers for faculty/staff outside of the department submitting the proposal been obtained?
  • Has a level of effort according to sponsor guidelines been indicated for all key personnel? (Effort must be requested even if salary support is not requested.)
  • Are all budget costs allowable according to the sponsor’s guidelines?
  • Is cost sharing required? If so, has the proposal addressed this issue?
  • Are subcontractors included in the project?
    • Has a budget been included for each subcontract?
    • Has a signed Statement of Intent been completed for each subcontract?
  • Does the proposal require a signature from an authorized University official? 
No grantee or proposal should be approached and/or submitted to a foundation without first checking with Institutional Advancement.