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RMUVerticalAlumniRemember all those great times you had at RMU? The lifelong friendships you built, cheering on the Colonials on a Saturday afternoon, hanging out in the dorms, relaxing in a secluded spot on campus, laughing with friends in the food court—the list goes on and on. Your college years helped to define and mold you into who you are today. They were transformative years when your whole future lay ahead of you and anything was possible.

Today RMU continues to provide life-changing opportunities for its students. Of course, these valuable, transformative experiences would not be possible without the support of alumni like you. Without the scholarships and financial aid that are in part supported by alumni, many students would not have the opportunity to get the kind of professional, engaged education offered at RMU.

Thank you for your support. With your help, RMU can continue to change the lives of its students and, in turn, help them change the lives of others.

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