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Josh Blum
Area of study: Accounting and Finance double major
Scholarships and Grants: RMU Heritage, Merit, Residence Assistant, RMU Grant, RMU Freedom Grant  

Josh Blum

Without a doubt, the people at Robert Morris University made my experience an extraordinary one. RMU is home to some of the most amazing people in Pittsburgh. Each member of the staff has dedicated time to help me succeed, from Dean John Michalenko, to Dr. Victoria Fratto in accounting, to Jim Vincent in literature, to my academic advisor Dr. David Budziszewski. 

The first class that significantly affected my college career was Managerial Accounting with Dr. Victoria Fratto, which I took the second semester of my freshman year. Dr. Fratto was always willing to help and took the time to clearly explain anything that we didn’t understand. She was able to make the lessons both interesting and challenging at the same time. She also had a great impact on my career because it was largely due to her efforts and recommendations that I received an internship with PricewaterhouseCoopers during the spring of my sophomore year. 

RMU has so many different places I like to hang out with friends or by myself. We have the new school of business building for homework and computer labs, Rogal Chapel when I need some quiet time, the newly renovated cafeteria to eat and hang out with friends, and the recently built Salem Hall for recreational activities. RMU has a place for almost everything—it just depends on what you want to do! When I have free time, I enjoy taking my guitar up to Rogal and sitting next to the small fountain by the gardens. 

Something I discovered at Robert Morris is how much I enjoy studying abroad and learning about other cultures. During the summer of my freshman year, I was invited to travel to Egypt with the Pittsburgh Middle East Institute (now the American Middle East Institute), and the trip was incredible. I learned a lot of Arabic and formed lasting friendships with some of the Egyptian students we worked with. 

During the summer of my sophomore year, I traveled on a mission trip to Merida, Mexico, and helped out at several different church retreats, a music camp, and various other outreach events. I really enjoyed getting to know the Mexican culture and also learning Spanish. 

This summer, I was invited back to the American Middle East Institute as an intern to help with their six-week exchange program with Oman. The program’s goal is to bring 15 students from Oman together with 15 students from the United States in an effort to better understand each other’s culture and language. So far, the program has been an amazing experience and everyone has learned a lot. I’m looking forward to the final four weeks of the program. 

The financial aid I received from RMU has helped me immensely in my academic endeavors. Many students are now graduating with thousands of dollars’ worth of student loans. Thanks to RMU and the generous donors who support the scholarship funds, I have been able to almost completely avoid taking out a loan to pay for my college tuition. It’s been a great blessing, and I hope to be able to return the favor someday.


Alan Buehler
Area of study: Communication major
Scholarships and Grants: Colonial, RMU Heritage, Residence Life Grant 

Alan Buehler

My experience at RMU has been so extraordinary because of the friends I have made and the relationships I have developed. I’ve learned so much about myself and the things I want to do with my life because of these friends. During my time at RMU I have created clubs, been a part of life-changing community service events, and stepped out of my comfort zone. When I first arrived at RMU, I was scared to death that it was too good of a school for me and everyone would be stuck up. I was immediately proven wrong during the first weekend, when I met all the other people who lived in my building. I felt comfortable at RMU because of the amazing people I was surrounded by. 

I’ll never forget my first day of classes at RMU, because it was in that class – college mathematics with Professor Donoghue – where I met my best friend. We ended up having four of our six classes together and lived right across the hall from one another in the residence hall. We became friends and ventured out that week to meet as many other people as we could. 

My favorite spot on the RMU campus is definitely the Nicholson center. I love going to the food court and RoMo’s because there is always something going on there. It’s like a giant community of people and there’s always people there no matter what time it is. I like it because it’s a place to eat, visit friends, meet up with people from class who you might not know too well, hear about events going on around campus, host a campus wide event, or just go to when you’re bored and want to see people. 

Something people might not know about me is that I am a semi-professional chainsaw carver. I use different sized chainsaws to make sculptures out of trees. My hometown hosts the largest non-competitive chainsaw carving festival in the world, so I grew up around chainsaw art. I come from generations of loggers in my family as well. The first time I went to a carving festival I found it extremely intriguing and immediately picked up a chainsaw. Since then I have been carving wood and enjoy every second of it. 

The financial support, scholarships and grants I’ve received from RMU have made all the difference in the world. I was able to attend RMU because of all the support I received in grants and scholarships. I was able to use the money I received in scholarships to pay for my books and to take the summer classes I needed to in order to graduate on time. RMU really wants their students to be able to afford to come here, and if it weren’t for their financial support, I wouldn’t be the student, leader, and volunteer that I am today.


Chenee Cleveland
Area of study: Biology major
Scholarships and Grants: Colonial, Residence Assistant, RMU Freedom Grant 

Chenee Cleveland

I consider my RMU experience to be extraordinary, because it was here at this medium-sized, private institution, that in just a short period of time my entire life was changed. I was able to make strong connections to many people and form great friendships with my professors, classmates, university staff and faculty, and school officials. At RMU, I was able to have my life changed instantly, and the constant advice, sincere assistance and mentoring I received from everyone from President Dell'Omo to my freshmen student mentor gave me the drive to strive for more. Without these people, I would not be the student leader that I am today. 

The advice I received from my professors and advisors, the caring hearts of the team in the Center for Student Success, and the persistent encouragements of the team in the Student Life Office urged me to get involved and form connections. With the love I received from all of them, I went from a shy quiet girl who kept to herself and questioned if this university was right for me, to being an extremely involved student and an active leader in as many organizations as time allows. Now I mentor and encourage other students who are where I used to be. I am living proof that you make your college experience what it is. And with all of the love and support of this RMU community, I now know, with no doubt in my mind, that this university was the perfect choice for me. 

My favorite spot on the RMU campus has to be the 3rd floor rotunda of the Nicholson Center. Whether you want to take a break between classes, catch up on work, gaze out the windows and see what's happening on the rest of campus, or just sit there all night and hang out with friends, it's a comfortable spot where you can do just about anything. 

The financial support I receive at the university through scholarships and grants is extremely important to me. In fact, when I finally narrowed my decision down to a few universities, it was the primary reason I decided to accept my spot here at RMU. Without the amount of financial aid I received in the form of scholarships and grants for academic and need based reasons, I know for a fact that I would not be able to afford this private institution. With the financial support I receive from donors and the university, I am able to get the education, focus, and attention that I need to be successful in my future career. My education is almost fully funded by scholarships and grants, and without them I do not know where I would be.


Kiersten Metzger
Area of study: Early Childhood Education (B.S.), Instructional Leadership (M.S.)
Scholarships and Grants: Colonial Grant, Residence Life Grant, RMU Heritage 

Kiersten Metzger

There are many things about RMU that made my experience so amazing. First, I was so excited about all the clubs and organizations at RMU. I got to college and just started joining anything I was interested in. All the opportunities these clubs and organizations gave me was amazing.  Also, the faculty and staff at RMU made my experience great. No matter the problem, question, or idea, someone was always there for me.  

I started out as a hospitality and tourism management major, so my first class was Intro to Hospitality and Tourism Management with Dr. Rudd. He will always be one of my favorite professors.  

My favorite spot on campus is RoMo's Cafe. Romo's has great food, and always something new to taste. It is also the best place to sit with friends and hang out in between classes. During the day you will see many people that you know, and others you have never seen before.  

I am now the President of the Class of 2013 at RMU. It is a great opportunity and such a fun way to bring the class together at many events around the campus. 

The scholarships I received from RMU were so important. RMU seemed a little out of reach for me, but after seeing the scholarships I was receiving, I knew I was going there. These scholarships really helped me go to the only college I could ever see myself at.  Without them, I wouldn't have accomplished all the things I have today. I am eternally grateful for the scholarships I received from RMU, and I will always remember what those scholarships made possible for me. 


Phillip Timcheck
Area of study: Nursing major
Scholarships and Grants: Presidential Scholar, Patriot Honors, Heritage, Carrol George and Barbara Davidson Nursing Endowed Scholarship 

Phillip Timcheck

My first class at RMU started at 8 a.m. on a Monday morning. I had Anatomy and Physiology I with Dr. Stein, and it was supposed to be the hardest of the term. Approximately 40 other students were in my class, the majority of them nursing students. Needless to say, we were all adjusting to college in different ways. The class was challenging and really made students buckle down if they wanted to make it through. After a difficult first test, we were all starting to feel the pressure to perform at the collegiate level. 

One of my favorite spots on the RMU campus is the Jefferson Center. I frequent the workout facility several times a week, not only to keep in good physical condition, but also to get a break from studying. There is just something about that particular gym that makes me smile. Maybe it is all the familiar faces I see as I love to see my classmates outside of the classroom. Additionally, there's a great deal of camaraderie between the regulars, making it that much easier to ask for help when you need it. 

The financial support I received through scholarships at RMU played a key role in my decision to come to RMU. Throughout my senior year of high school, I began applying for colleges throughout western Pennsylvania. I then had to play the waiting game and see how much financial aid each school would offer me, as this figure played a distinct role in my final college decision. Luckily, I had expressed interest early in RMU's Nursing Program. I toured the campus, visited the School of Nursing and Health Sciences, and spoke with a number of faculty. Much to my surprise, I was one of the lucky few offered an early Presidential Scholarship that would cover my tuition for my entire four years at RMU. Needless to say, RMU had pretty much made my college decision for me. 

No other school could come close to the offer RMU put on the table. I had no doubt in my mind that after comparing the nursing curriculum with other top-rated programs, RMU's program would keep me on par with other highly esteemed schools in the area. Robert Morris gave me an offer I simply could not refuse. Now, here I am today, a senior, and I am very happy I pursued my offer from RMU.