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RMU Student Travels To China  

Pittsburgh, Pa. – Robert Morris University (RMU) Actuarial Science student Carly Reshick took part in a trip to China through the International Scholar Laureate Program (ISLP).  The trips aim was to provide high-achieving students the opportunity to take part in a learning experience designed to inform and enrich their career objectives and foster their ambition to achieve their lifelong goals in a way unlike any other.

Reshick participated in the pre-professional educational opportunities scheduled for China the last two weeks of May.  She joined 38 other students to visit Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shanghai. The program provided scholars with a chance to further their career development in the field of business, while engaging in a culturally-enriching experience.

“Although I am an Actuarial Science major, I feel that many of the courses I have taken at RMU prepared me for the speakers and presentations that were on our schedule. Intercultural communications was an integral part of the Project Based Learning (PBL) topic that I had to complete on the trip as it was based on Culture, Etiquette and Business Practices in China,” said Reshick.

In each delegation, scholars increased their knowledge about — and became better prepared for — a specific career field.  Through a comparative curriculum, they gained a global understanding of how that career field is practiced in the host country. With each session, scholars were able to compare and contrast what they see and learn with current methods and procedures at home.

“My previous courses in statistics, economics, and finance gave me benchmarks for applying the information the speakers shared with us,” said Reshick. “The interactions I have had with international students and faculty helped prepare me to engage in dialogue with everyone I met, especially at English Corner at the People's University in Beijing.”  The English Corner is an event that was held every week with the purpose of helping University students better their communication in English. Student’s who participated, conducted interviews for their PBLs with Chinese citizens at the English Corner.

As scholars travel throughout the country, they discussed and debated leading issues while interacting with professionals.  These discussions were then brought to life as scholars engaged in site explorations and experienced the reality of these issues firsthand.

When asked about some of the issues the group experienced firsthand, Reshick replied with the following, “The majority of us met for the first time at LAX airport, which welcomed us with a 4.7 magnitude earthquake! Upon our arrival in Beijing one member of our group was detained at the Health Inspection Checkpoint because he had some symptoms of H1N1. He was then taken, by a group of people dressed in what looked like HazMat clothing, to a Quarantine Hospital. With the assistance of the US Embassy and a normal temperature reading, he was able to return to our group the next day. I think that experience helped our group bond quickly and realize that we needed to make the most of every moment that we were there. Most of us would have gladly stayed much longer in China. I would strongly recommend this kind of trip to anyone who is looking for a unique educational experience!”