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RMU Welcomes G-20 Visitors 

Pittsburgh -- With a simple, free download, visitors to Pittsburgh during the G-20 summit can take a guided walking tour of Downtown, narrated in English, Chinese, French, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, German, or Italian, thanks to a new website by Robert Morris University.

RMU students from nine countries worked with the tour's author, University Editor Mark Houser, to translate the one-hour walking tour into their native languages and record them. Web/Social Media Designer Doug Derda built the website that hosts the tours.

The guides tell vignettes from Pittsburgh's history, including the rivalry between Andrew Carnegie and Henry Clay Frick, and show off skyscrapers along Grant Street and Fourth Avenue and the theaters of the Cultural District. The tour also shows listeners where to get a Primanti Brothers sandwich, and other practical information.

To listen to the tours, and learn more about how RMU is providing the Pittsburgh region with a global perspective, go to www.rmu.edu/g20.