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To the Robert Morris University community,

After careful consideration, we plan to hold all classes as scheduled on Thursday, Feb. 11, and resume all normal university operations, with the understanding that the severe winter storms our region has experienced these last few days continue to pose challenges.

The safety of our students, faculty and staff is our utmost concern as we to return to normal. Many of you live in communities that are still digging out from under heavy snows, and we urge you to use your best judgment in deciding whether it is safe for you to come to campus. Students who are unable to attend classes should contact their professors as soon as possible to make appropriate accommodations. Employees who need to remain at home should contact their supervisors, and faculty should immediately notify students if they plan to cancel any classes.

We cannot stress that point enough. Please do not take unnecessary risks. We only ask that you contact the appropriate person in the event that you cannot come to campus. Should the weather once again force us to cancel or delay classes, we will continue to use RMU Alert as well as the RMU web site to notify you of any changes. We also will post updates via Twitter, Facebook, the three local television stations and KDKA-AM radio. 

Returning to our normal schedule will require considerable flexibility on all our parts. Students may have assignments that will need to be made up. Faculty may need to adjust their course syllabi. And staff may need to catch up on work and budget their time to meet new deadlines. I ask for everyone’s continued patience, and I thank you in advance for chipping in to help us recover from these recent disruptions.

I want to again thank everyone whose efforts kept the campus operating as smoothly as possible over the past six days. This includes those who kept our resident students safe and in relative comfort, and the students themselves for conduct that was beyond reproach. We have come to expect nothing less from you, but it was still gratifying to see.

Thank you, and please be safe.

President Gregory G. Dell’Omo