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Change Someone's Life, It Changes Yours Forever 

Pittsburgh -- Robert Morris University changes lives. Our students know it. Our alumni know it. Now, everyone will know it.

RMU has launched the “Change A Life” brand campaign to portray RMU’s growth since it became a university in 2002 and to demonstrate how we fulfill our most important core value – changing lives.

According to Kyle Fisher, chief marketing officer at the university, the new campaign’s draws its premise from the countless students and alumni who say how much the RMU experience changed them for the better. Therefore, it has helped them reach out to change the lives of others.

The new slogan and its variations – “Be the change,” “Change someone’s life, it changes yours forever,” and "Our students are changing lives.  Help change one of theirs,” will brand RMU, via a mix of web, outdoor, broadcast, radio and television media, as a university that enriches the lives of its students on a grand scale.  The campaign features the stories of dozens of real-life past and present RMU students who embody this idea, and therefore, are the new faces of the university. Check out those stories at www.rmu.edu/changealife.

“We want our publics to have a greater sense of what RMU is truly about,” said Fisher.  “Research indicates that a solid proportion of the greater Pittsburgh market values the same qualities that RMU is particularly good at delivering—particularly its focus on professional education combined with personal relationships, and, for many audiences, the commitment to engaged learning.”

According to Fisher, the university’s breadth of internships, service learning, global experiences and other out-of classroom experiences enrich the lives of students, providing a stimulating atmosphere for them to make a difference in the lives of others.

“It’s a unique combination,” she said.  “Some schools focus on professional education but they are not necessarily nurturing to their students. Other schools promise small classes and access to professors, but they are not usually as connected to industry and 'real-world' experiences. 

“So RMU’s ‘one-two’ punch benefits our students on a professional and a personal level.  That tends to lead to life-changing experiences.  At least, that’s what dozens and dozens of students and alumni have been telling us.”