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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access by meal plan balance?
A ‘check you balance guide’ is displayed by each register and updated weekly so you can keep track of your spending, or ask any cashier for a balance receipt.

What if I run out of my dining plan dollars before the end of the semester?
RMU offers flex dollars called Colonial Cash that can be spent at any dining location on campus and select off campus locations. Colonial Cash can be added any time by students or parents at, by stopping by or calling Student Financial Services at 412-397-6260.

Can I change my dining plan by increasing or lowering the plan during the academic year?
Yes, during (1) each add/drop period which is the first two weeks of the semester and (2) at the end of the fall semester for the spring semester before the end of the add/drop period.

What if I have money left on my dining plan at the end of the semester?
Dining plan dollars do not roll over from semester to semester. Several creative options are offered to use your plan. Students with high balances will be contacted via email 6 weeks before the semester ends.

I am a commuter and I want a meal plan, how can I do that?
Residence Life does not handle meal plans for commuting students. You will need to fill out a form online and submit it to Student Financial Services 412-397-6260.

How do I address mail to my student?
Name of Student
Box Number (Do NOT indicate as “PO Box Number”)
Robert Morris University
6001 University Boulevard
Moon Township, Pennsylvania 15108
Questions or concerns should be directed first to the Student Mailroom: 412-397-5430 or and then the Main Mailroom (Facilities Service Center Building): 412-397-6345.

Can I bring a pet to school?
With the exception of service and assistance animals and small fish (maximum 10 gallon tank), no pets or animals are permitted in university residence halls. Unauthorized animals and pets will be removed immediately and the student may be found in violation of university policy and required to pay restitution for costs incurred.

What size refrigerator and microwave can I bring?
Refrigerators must be U.L. approved and the total size of the refrigerator and freezer combined may not exceed three (3) cubic feet. Microwaves must be U.L. approved and may not exceed a stated FCC rating of 700 watts (FCC rating must be intact).

I am locked out of my room and my CA isn’t answering their phone, what should I do?
You will need to come to our office in Washington Hall to pick up a spare key.

The heater/air conditioner isn’t working in my room?
Students may contact Colonial Central to report any building, grounds, housekeeping and maintenance needs or concerns. This includes any concerns they may have about the physical components of their residence hall or residence hall room. Colonial Central is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week by calling 412-397-4343.

I would like to become a CA, what do I need to do?
If you are interested in being considered for a future position you would need to attend information sessions held in October and November. You will also receive email notices in the fall semester regarding these meetings. You may also check out the information on the website below. It is also recommended that you attend one of the information sessions; the dates are listed on the website as well.

What size bed does my residence hall have?
Dorms are equipped with twin XL beds; Adams, Braddock, Concord, Gallatin, Hamilton, Hancock, Lexington, Madison, Marshall, Monroe, Ross, Salem, and Washington.

I am being charged for health insurance but I already have insurance, can you remove those charges?
If you have your own comparable health insurance coverage, visit Choose the “Student Insurance” option to login to eServices. In eServices, select the “Add” option and complete the form. This information will be automatically provided to the university; however, it does not take the place of any other forms you are asked to complete and send to the UPMC MyHealth@School center. General information about the University’s student insurance requirement, contact the Student Health Services staff in the UPMC MyHealth@School center at 412-397-6220.

My roommate and I aren’t getting along, what can I do?
When problems with roommates occur, students are encouraged to make an effort to resolve their conflicts. Before a room change can be made, the following procedure must be followed:

  • Both roommates must meet together with their Community Advisor to discuss their concerns.
  • Review Roommate Success Plan
  • The residents will create a contract with their CA, designed to resolve specific needs/concerns of both roommates.
  • The roommates must make every effort to abide by this contract for a minimum of one week.
  • If roommate differences are still irreconcilable at the end of the one week contract period, both roommates must again meet with their CA to discuss an alternative resolution.
  • It is the resident’s responsibility to present a room change alternative. All residents involved in the prospective room change must have prior knowledge of the impending change and agree to the proposed change.
  • No room change can be made without approval by the Office of Residence Life.

I can’t find my room key, what should I do?
Report any lost or stolen keys to the Office of Residence Life. You will be given a temporary key until you find or report that it is lost. If the key is lost we will order the lock to be changed and new keys will be given to you. Key replacement fees will be charged against the student’s damage deposit.

I slipped on ice outside my residence hall and am injured, do I have to report it?
Accidents or injuries that occur on campus, in university owned facilities, or at university sponsored functions should be reported. Contact the University Police at 412-397-2424 for assistance with any emergency or medical situation on campus. University Police will contact Valley Ambulance Service as necessary to respond to injured individuals.

I lost my Freedom Card, where can I get a new one?
A new freedom card can be obtained at the Freedom Card Office in Revere Center.

I am having problems connecting my computer to the internet, where do I go to get help?
ResTech (part of the Information Technology Department) is the University's support team dedicated to resident students. Offices are located in the Lexington and Yorktown residence halls and specifically support resident students in the resolution of their technology problems, including network problems, email and account assistance, software, and virus help. They can be reached via phone at 412-397-2299 or by visiting them in person. Go to for current office hours.

I left some items in my room when I moved out, can I come get them?
Robert Morris University and the Office of Residence Life or any of its staff are not responsible for any student property left in residence hall rooms or public areas of residence halls. In the event that student property is left in residence halls after the housing contract period is over, the property will be removed at the owner’s expense. The Office of Facilities Management will not maintain abandoned property. The property will be discarded or turned over to a charitable organization in the community.

I want to bring my own dresser for my room, can you remove the one the university provided?
All university furniture must remain in the room, it cannot be removed.

A friend wants to stay overnight in my dorm room, is that allowed?
Resident students are permitted to have overnight guests, with the consent of all roommates, on Friday and Saturday nights only. All overnight guests must be registered with the Office of Residence Life by 4:00 PM on Fridays. Forms may be obtained in the Office of Residence Life and must be signed by all room occupants. All overnight guests must be at least 18 years of age.

I want to appeal charges on my account, how can I do that?
Please use the link below to apply to the Financial Appeals Board. There is an application on the link that you can complete and submit to Student Financial Services: