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Roommate Information

The foundation of a residential community is built from positive roommate relationships. Good roommate relationships require common courtesy, consideration, understanding, and the time that any friendship requires. Roommates who are not accustomed to sharing a room or whose lifestyles are completely different can live together happily as long as they are willing to communicate, compromise, and respect the other’s space.

Tips for cultivating positive relationships and resolving problems include:

  • Completing the "Roommate Agreement" with your CA
  • Openly communicating concerns
  • Giving constructive criticism
  • Being willing to hear constructive criticism
  • Being willing to meet halfway/compromise

A roommate relationship is a shared responsibility, with both individuals contributing positively to the relationship. When problems with roommates occur, students are encouraged to make an effort to resolve their conflicts. Before a room change can be made, the following procedure must be followed:

  • Both roommates must meet together with their Community Advisor to discuss their concerns.
  • The residents will create a contract with their CA, designed to resolve specific needs/concerns of both roommates.
  • The roommates must make every effort to abide by this contract for a minimum of one week.
  • If roommate differences are still irreconcilable at the end of the one week contract period, both roommates must again meet with their CA to discuss an alternative resolution.
  • It is the resident’s responsibility to present a room change alternative. All residents involved in the prospective room change must have prior knowledge of the impending change and agree to the proposed change.
  • No room change can be made without approval from the Office of Residence Life

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