RMU Day of Giving 2020

Day of Giving Countdown: Tuesday, October 20


Please join us on October 20 for our annual Day of Giving, when we’ll attempt to get alumni, friends, and supporters of RMU to make a contribution to our students that will assist them in their academic journey.


What is the RMU Day of Giving?

It’s a 24-hour fundraising extravaganza on Tuesday, October 20. On that day, we invite all RMU alumni, faculty, staff, students, parents and friends to make a gift to support the university they love. To make it even more fun, we’ll let you know about challenges throughout the day that can increase the impact of your gift. And all students are invited to join an on-campus celebration to show their Colonials spirit. Spread the word using the hashtag #RMUDayOfGiving

What does my gift fund?

That’s up to you! You can give to the RMU Student Fund, which provides everything students need to succeed, from classroom upgrades to tutoring services. Or, you can give to your school, team, or organization that’s closest to your heart. 

I can’t make a large donation. How will my gift make a difference?

Every gift counts! With everyone giving at once, gifts of $10, $15 or more can add up quickly to make a big impact. Your donation helps to raise RMU’s profile since donor participation is a key factor in national university rankings. And, many of the fundraising challenges are based on number of donors, not gift amount, so just by giving you can help your school or team win extra funding.

What are these fundraising challenges you keep talking about?

Some very generous RMU donors have offered bonus gifts if you help us hit certain fundraising goals on the Day of Giving. There are challenges for parent participation, school participation and athletics team participation. Follow on social media, be sure to check your email, or go to the Day of Giving page to see how you can unlock extra money for RMU.

How do I sign up for the RMU Day of Giving?

If we have your email, you’ll be getting a message from us with information on how to give and updates throughout the day. You can also follow up on social media and help spread the word about #RMUDayOfGiving.

Can I still give after October 20?

Absolutely! A gift at any time of year provides valuable support to our students, helping them build great careers and great lives. However, the challenges are good for today only, so if you wait to make your gift you will miss the chance to increase its value.

I already made a gift this year. Why should I give again?

First of all, thank you for being a proud RMU donor. While we don’t expect a second gift, if you’re moved by one of the challenges or just want to join in the fun, feel free to make an additional contribution. It’s a great expression of your commitment to RMU. You can also help spread the word by sharing the news about #RMUDayOfGiving through your social networks.

Is my Day of Giving contribution tax-deductible?

All gifts are considered charitable donations and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. We’ll send you a tax receipt so you can consult your tax adviser about your particular situation.

Can my employer match my donation?

Many employers match donations to charitable organizations, which can double the impact of your gift.