Leadership Team

President’s Cabinet and Leadership Council

The President's Leadership Council includes the university's vice presidents and top academic leaders, who meet regularly to track progress against the university's strategic plan, report on their respective areas of responsibility, discuss challenges and opportunities, and receive feedback from President Chris Howard. An asterisk denotes members of the President's Cabinet, the university's most senior leaders who report directly to the president and provide him with strategic counsel.

Acharya, Sushil
Sushil Acharya

Associate Provost
Research, Graduate Study & International Programs

beckemeyer, wendy
Wendy C. Beckemeyer*

Vice President
Enrollment Management

cavalovitch, renee
Renee T. Cavalovitch*

General Counsel Vice President for Legal Affairs and Risk Management (Office of General Counsel)

Hernandez, Lisa
Lisa Hernandez

Chief Human Resources Officer

hickman, xavier
Xavier Hickman

Special Assistant to the President
Office of the President

jacobs, derya
Derya A. Jacobs*

Vice President Corporate Relations & Sr. Vice Provost
Professor of Operations Research (Management)

Kalevitch, Maria
Maria V. Kalevitch, Ph.D.

School of Engineering, Mathematics and Science
Associate Provost for Innovation and Academic Outreach

King, Chris
Chris King*

Director of Athletics

listwak, jeff
Jeffrey A. Listwak*

Senior Vice President for Business Affairs and Treasurer
Financial Operations

majka, david
David R. Majka*

Vice President
Planning and Administration
Associate Professor of Learning Resources (Library)

micco, melissa
Melissa Micco

Chief Accounting and Financial Planning Officer and Assistant Treasurer

michalenko, john
John Michalenko*

Vice President
Student Life

Miller, Phillip
Phillip G. Miller, M.B.A.

Chief Information Officer
Information Technology

millet, matt
Matt Millet*

Vice President

outon, peggy
Peggy Outon

Assistant Vice President, Community Engagement and Leadership Development
Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management

potts, jonathan
Jonathan Potts*

Vice President
Public Relations and Marketing

rafoth, mary ann
Mary Ann Rafoth*

Academic Affairs

robins, anthony
Anthony Robins

Diversity and Inclusion

roofner, perry
Perry F. Roofner

Vice President