Strategic Plan

Our Mission

To be the gateway to engaged, productive, and successful careers and lives.

Our Vision

RMU will be big enough to matter, yet small enough to care. As a student-centered institution, Robert Morris University transforms lives by building knowledge and skills, and by providing the foundations of engagement and well-being.

Our Plan

As Robert Morris University approaches its 100th anniversary, the university – now a nationally ranked, doctoral-granting institution – has produced a new strategic plan, RMU 100, which features these key initiatives, among others.

    Make RMU a preferred strategic partner

    Make RMU a preferred strategic partner for corporations and other organizations in order to develop new streams of non-tuition revenue. Learn about RMU’s partnerships with some of the region’s premier employers.

    Use predictive analytics

    Use predictive analytics and pipeline programs with schools, corporations, and veterans to improve our six-year graduation rate. See how students experience this, and learn about EAB’s Student Success Collaborative, the partner behind’s RMU’s powerful predictive analytics initiative. 

    Improve RMU’s brand equity

    Improve RMU’s brand equity and positioning through athletics, new and enhanced facilities, a brand campaign, telling the Pittsburgh story, and promotion of Gallup outcomes.

    Reboot our renowned Communication Skills curriculum

    Reboot our renowned Communication Skills curriculum to ensure our undergraduates will thrive as 21st century professionals.

    Improve RMU’s inclusiveness

    Improve RMU’s inclusiveness and human capital development.

    Increase RMU’s net assets

    Increase RMU’s net assets and provide more scholarships through a comprehensive capital campaign, growing the university's endowment, and increasing the alumni contribution rate.

    Our Values

    Excellence | Global Perspective | Inclusion | Innovation
    Professional Focus | Responsiveness | Transformation | Collaboration

    Core values are the DNA of an organization, its underlying principles. Recognizing how far RMU has come in nearly a century, the new strategic plan includes three new core values that define the university and its path forward.

    Responsiveness: To keep pace with the rapidly changing world of higher education, RMU strives to be nimble and alert to opportunities to change.

    Transformation: In line with responsiveness, RMU places a high value on new technology that can directly and demonstrably improve student outcomes. Gallup research and predictive analytics embody that commitment to innovation.

    Collaboration: RMU partners with corporations and institutional partners to address the needs of the region.

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