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The Organizational Leadership – Leadership Development certificate program (bachelor's level) prepares participants to become successful leaders in organizations by enhancing their careers through self-awareness, acquire personal and interpersonal leadership skills to take new leadership roles in groups and organizations. Participants also develop their personal, interpersonal, and organizational communication skills to foster their leadership effectiveness. The program helps participants to explore internal and environmental factors to be able to strategize long- and short-term organizational sustainability.

Contact Information

Anthony J. Moretti, Ph.D.    
Interim Department
Wheatley Center 212

Program Objectives

Upon successful completion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Develop self-awareness through personality type assessment in order to understand their own leading and following behaviors and apply their personality preferences to their workplace and personal development. 
  • Apply personal and interpersonal leadership skills to real life and workplace practices.
  • Understand the challenges of interpersonal and organizational communication and to apply best communication processes, skills, models, and theories to communicate with others, solve problems, make decisions, and resolve conflicts.
  • Assess internal and environmental factors that influence an organization’s long and short-term sustainability in order to improve organizational sustainability.
Curriculum & Study Method

The LD certificate program consists of three 3-credit courses, and one 1– credit course for a total of ten (10) credits. Participants will benefit from flexible blended method of learning: weekly face-to-face class sessions and online learning resources through Blackboard. 

The program can be completed in less than eight months in 8-week sessions, hybrid and/or fully online. It is available as a standalone credential or can count toward the Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Leadership or any other degree as electives at Robert Morris University. A previous bachelor’s degree is not required. All courses taken under this certificate program counts toward the minor, and major in Organizational Leadership.

  • ORGL2200 Applied Personal & Interpersonal Leadership Skills – 3 credits
  • ORGL3700 Leadership & Communication – 3 credits
  • ORGL3900 Leadership & Sustainability – 3 credits

Sample Courses:

These are some of the classes for students in this academic program:

Applied Personal & Interpersonal Leadership Skills
Leadership & Communication
Leadership & Sustainability