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Mainframe computers continue to be the platform of choice for large corporations, and demand for qualified professionals is increasing. The enterprise systems certificate program is open to any student with a college degree regardless of computing experience, and provides hands-on training using an IBM mainframe computer.

Available in both traditional and online format, the program can be completed in one year as a standalone certificate. Because each of the program’s five 3-credit courses carries graduate credit, they also can be applied towards an RMU master’s degree program in computer and information systems.

Undergraduate Certificate: 18 credits

Graduate Certificate: 15 credits

Contact Information

Packy Laverty
412-397-6477 phone
Wheatley Center 310

Course Plan


  • INFS1020    Fund Of Information Technology
  • INFS2130    Cobol Programming
  • INFS3130    Advanced Cobol Programming
  • INFS3131    Enterp Transact Process Syst
  • INFS3212    Enterprise Operating Systems
  • INFS4242    Enterprise Database Systems


  • INFS6130    Cobol Programming
  • INFS6212    Enterprise Operating Systems
  • INFS6242    Enterprise Database Systems
  • INFS6320    Advanced Cobol Programming
  • INFS6321    Enterp Transact Process Syst

Sample Courses:

These are some of the classes for students in this academic program:

Cobol Programming
Enterprise Operating Systems
Enterprise Transaction Processing Systems