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Organizations have access to information more than ever before. Information is an asset that, when  adequately managed, can become knowledge, enabling decision-makers to act in a way that delivers competitive results. Organizations need professionals who can manage the ownership and distribution of information assets to empower stakeholders. 

The Information Management certificate prepares you to design a strategy for information storage, use, security, and disposal. You will learn the strategies, information management knowledge areas, and best practices to effectively manage information within an organization. You will use current tools and industry best practices to organize information within an enterprise, and learn to apply governance principles to ensure availability of information to essential and authorized users within an organization.

Upon completion of this certification, you will be an information management professional equipped with an understanding of the effect of information organization and integrity to competitive decision-making. 

Course Plan

INFS6114 – Mobile Computing in the Enterprise
INFS6240 – Database Management Systems
INFS6510 – Data Analytics
INFS6760 – IT Security and Assurance
INFS7479 – IT Project Management

Sample Courses:

These are some of the classes for students in this academic program:

Mobile Computing in the Enterprise
Data Analytics
IT Security and Assurance